Route 66’s Baxter Springs Museum…

While we were in the friendly little town of Baxter Springs, KS, we spent a few hours at the Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum. I ended up being disappointed that we hadn’t set aside more time to visit as we ended up having a lovely personalized tour of the museum, which was much larger […]

The Augusta Canal Tour & Discovery Center, GA…

This past Monday we visited the Augusta Canal Tour and Discovery Center… Located in downtown Augusta, Georgia, the Discovery Center is housed in the old Enterprise Mill (textile) building…First up, we watched a 10 minute overview film on the canal.  Then, it was off to the tour; boat tours are taken in one of the […]

Andersonville National Historic Site, GA…

This past weekend, we stopped in Georgia to visit a guy that Vaughn had met while we volunteered in Moore, Oklahoma.  While we ended up not staying as long in Americus as we had planned (they were moving their son), we did manage to get in an afternoon at the Andersonville National Historic Site, which […]

Ultimate small town/beach vacation spot – even for those of us on perpetual vacations ;)

ADuring our day on Dauphin Island, we first went to the Estuarium, then across the street to Fort Gaines.  After we toured the fort, we drove around the fort to the end of the road; it dead-ended in a small parking lot that offered public beach access with a beautiful view out into the gulf… […]

Damn the Torpedoes! Full speed ahead! …to Fort Gaines

While we were down on Dauphin Island, after our tour of the Estuarium, we hopped across the street. Literally. Across the street (easy walking distance). and spent a couple of hours exploring historic Fort Gaines… Fort Gaines has guarded the entrance to Mobile Bay for over 150 years.  It, and it’s sister fort Fort Morgan, […]