Lilla Rose hair clips – the ultimate traveler’s hair products!

We have 5 daughters.  So years ago, when I came across a blog post about unique and beautiful hairclips that promised to hold their hair, ease my time spent styling, and were lightweight and durable, I ordered some sight unseen.  Since that time, we have been wearing the Lilla Rose hairclips non-stop!  About a year […]

RV Basics – Top 5 RV kitchen tools…

While our family would consider ourselves resourceful, around our house having the right tool for the job is considered a must. Over the 6 years that we have been fulltime RVing and traveling, I have found this rule especially applies to the RV kitchen!  Cooking for 10+, in such a limited space, 3 meals a […]

Why we travel with a Berkey Water Filter…

***Right now Berkey is having a Memorial Day sale! (this is our affiliate link – we earn a small percentage of the sale for sharing it with you, but the price doesn’t change for you 🙂 ). Our RV has really big tanks – we can run with 110 gallons of fresh water on board. […]

RV Kitchen Tips – Instant Pot

One of the hardest things about fulltime traveling has been the challenges that I face with trying to cook for a (larger than average) family in our small rv kitchen!  There are certain kitchen tools that made my job much easier in the house, that I just don’t have room for in the rv! Our […]

Top 10 toys for tiny living…

It can be hard to buy gifts for kids that travel a lot!  They simply don’t have the room to collect stuff like kids in a house do, and often times they don’t have the floor space to spread out vast collections/playscapes to play with them.  While we LOVE gift cards and experience gifts, and […]

Top 10 family games for nomads!

We love to play games.  Whether we are roughing it on a camping trip, or spending an afternoon hanging out in a ritzy lodge in an rv resort, we love to sit around a big table, or in a circle on the floor, and play games together. I’ve compiled a list of our top travel […]

Lilla Rose Flexi; the ultimate hair product for travelers….

Now that we have been on the road for 5 years, we’ve found lots of ways to simplify our lives, and in pretty much every aspect of our lives. Most of the girls have long hair, and we love to put it up pretty!    But all those fun hair things take up lots of space, […]

TOS Review – Beeyoutiful natural products…

One of the things that our family has been tryng to do the past few years, is to use natural products and foods.  I would love to feed my family all organic foods, but we haven’t won the lottery yet…(course, if you saw what we ate while on the road all day today, you wouldn’t believe […]

TOS Review – Box of IDEAS (I.D.E.A.S)….

Most of us, in our family, are history nuts – we LOVE to do all things history – nearly all our read-alouds are history based, and our fetish often determines where we stop when we are on the road.  I enjoy learning about history; if only I could keep it straight like my kids can!   I was recently […]

WeeRide bike child carrier

When we sold the house, we got rid of all our bikes – either taking them to the dump, or giving away the nicer ones. We had never really been much into bike riding, other than the kids going on some short rides together or going to get the mail; the roads were rocky and […]