Check out the All-New Tabasco Factory Tour!

Located just half an hour south of I-10, and directly south of Lafayette, Avery Island is a popular destination for visitors to southwestern Louisiana!  And while we had visited the island, and the factory, just a couple of years ago, when we found out that the Tabasco Factory had rolled out a new tour just […]

CRU & The Jesus Film… (Orlando, FL)…

After our fantastic program at Wycliffe Bible Translators, we went ‘next door’ (as the crow flies, but about a mile drive), to the CRU headquarters.  CRU stands for Campus Crusade for Christ International… CRU is the force behind The Jesus Film Project.  The Jesus film is a 2 hour dramatization of the biblical account of […]

Tabasco factory tour & Zoosiana, Lafayette, Louisiana…

On our last day in Lafayette, we decided to head a little south to New Iberia, were we had the Best house tour ever before hitting the Tabasco factory tour !  (If you missed my post on it, you can find our Rip Van Winkle post here…) Afterwards, we drove over to Avery Island to […]

The Biedenharn Museum (loved the Bible Museum. seriously.)

While we were in Monroe, Louisiana, we had to stop at the Biedenharn Museum and Gardens… The Biedenharn Gardens is located on the property of Joseph Biedenharn, who in 1894, expanded his candy company and became the first person to bottle Coca-Cola.  He lived in Monroe, with his wife and daughter, and was active in […]

Rip Van Winkle Gardens = Best ever house tour!!!

We have spent the last few days staying at a private RV park near Lafayette, Louisiana (I’ll go back and share our Monroe, LA visit later, but I had to tell you about the wonderful place we went today!).  We have been exploring here too, and today we went to 3 different destinations to check […]