Cowpens National Battlefield, SC…

Happening just months after the battle at King’s Mountain, the conflict at Cowpens was also a patriot victory during the Revolutionary War. Cowpens National Battlefield is located just half an hour west of King’s Mountain NHP, in northwestern South Carolina.  We spent the afternoon there after visiting King’s Mountain (we went to King’s Mountain first […]

Kings Mountain National Military Park, SC…

After we left Congaree National Park on Friday, we drove to Gaffney, SC.  We just needed a place to spend the night before we visited a nearby park the next morning.  Pulling into the Gaffney Walmart parking lot in the dark, we found the most perfect Walmart campsite 😉 ever – right out our front […]

Congaree National Park, SC…

On Friday, we drove north to our 83rd National Park –  Congaree.  Congaree N.P. is a swamp in the middle of South Carolina.  After parking the 5er and truck in their spacious big rig parking lot, we walked up to the large visitor’s center.  Inside, the ranger was telling someone, over the phone, that they […]

Patriot's Point and the USS Yorktown, SC

The day after touring Boone Hall, the boys wanted to go to the USS Yorktown. They said that they would rather go to the carrier than Fort Sumter. The size is impressive – the guys had not been on an aircraft carrier yet! The original USS Yorktown was sunk at the battle of Midway byJapenese […]

Boone Hall Plantation, South Carolina

Thursday (April 1st), we got up and drove to Boone Hall Plantation. As we were driving into the plantation, sitting in line to buy our tickets, Vaughn remarked how the guy a few cars ahead of us handed the attendant a coupon. Vaughn asked where our coupon was, teasing me because I love to coupon! […]

Fort Moultrie, Charleston, SC

After leaving Fort McAllister State Park on the 31st, we drove to Charleston, SC. We went there to visit Fort Sumter, which is where the Civil War began. We drove around Charleston and found that there is another fort there – Fort Moultrie. We stopped to check it out; it was after hours, so we […]