Lincoln's Birthplace National Monument, KY…

The day after we visited Mammoth Caves, we took an hour drive north to visit (and do the Jr. Ranger program at) Lincoln’s Birthplace National Monument.  There was a lovely visitor’s center where the kids picked up their Jr. Ranger books, and we found a little bumper sticker 🙂  . The park has a reproduction […]

Mammoth Cave National Park, KY…

After our hours at Stones River NB, we got back in the van and followed Vaughn and the 5er into Kentucky.  We pulled into the Diamond Caverns RV Park, which is located inside of the Mammoth Caves National Park.  We stayed there for 3 nights. Living in an RV doesn’t mean that it’s always a […]

AIG Creation Museum, Kentucky

After visiting Gettysburg for 2 days, we needed to start heading west. We got up Friday, and drove all day! (all day for us is about 6 hours…we need lots of breaks!) We drove through the rest of Pennsylvania and through Ohio… I had just talked to one of my sisters, and she said that […]

Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, KY (part2)

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon outside touring the grounds. They had a little petting zoo… It had a small variety of animals including a wallaby, a horse/zebra cross, and the kids’ favorite, a miniature donkey… The grounds are beautiful, and have tons of flowers and flowering shrubs… There are several different ponds, and some […]