Celebrating Easter in a campground…

Since we are slowly working our way back home, we spent Easter in South Carolina…We don’t do ‘Easter baskets’, but we do get the kids some little thing – preferably something consumable! LOL! The first year that we traveled, we were so busy that we didn’t get around to dyeing eggs until the day of […]

Christmas… holidays in an RV…

We had a lovely Christmas in our RV – being in 400 sq. ft. together doesn’t dampen the warm Christmas spirit around here.  but being away from our 2 bigs does  🙁   the only way our celebration could have been better would have been if Greg and Hannah could have been here with us.  This is how […]

Celebrating Christmas in an RV …it's beginning to look Yuley around here!

Celebrating Christmas in an RV – I’m not sure what possessed me, but while we were at Balmorhea I pulled out nearly everything that was stored under our master bed, and retrieved the ‘Christmas box’.  I don’t usually get the Christmas decorations out until much closer to Christmas!   There aren’t a lot of holiday things that we save from year, […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving in an RV…

Sometimes I wish that we were better planners.  But then I usually realize that it wouldn’t matter if we were because things seldom go as planned anyway.  We ended up leaving Lake McClellan the day before Thanksgiving.  We had planned to get to Monahan Sandhills State Park to spend Thanksgiving, but we were running late, […]

Valentine's Day on the road…

while we were in AZ. Bethy and Aunt Carol made cake balls… they are made from cake, frosting, and chocolate. Yummy!!! These ones were carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Bethy now has a rainbow chip cake mix and frosting that she is going to make cake balls for us with. Can’t wait! We sat […]

Celebrating birthdays on the road – Bethy's turn!!!

Last week, while we were in Cottonwood, AZ, enjoying the company of 4 other fulltime families, we… CELEBRATED BETHANY’S 16th BIRTHDAY!!! (yeah, I can’t believe it either!) There really wasn’t anything that she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday, so I drug her out of the house and we went shopping. Cottonwood is just […]

Celebrating Christmas in an RV!!!

This was our 3rd year celebrating Christmas in an rv, on the road. Our first was spent in the Lake Whitney COE park in Texas, last year we were in Phoenix but drove home for a quick week with Greg who had stayed back in MT to work, and this year we are in NV! […]

getting ready for Christmas in an RV park…

Today was a rather eclectic day! For us northerners, Christmas time usually means parkas and sleds and hot cocoa in front of a fire. This afternoon it didn’t feel as tho Christmas is a mere 6 days away! Today we checked into our 4th Thousand Trails park, this one we are scheduled to be in […]

Molly's Birthday

Well, it’s official – we don’t have a baby anymore (at least for a couple of months) – Molly turned 2 last week!!! She has been being way too big lately – talking way too much, being incredibly independent, and holding her own against her big brothers. Not to mention helping herself to her gifts […]

Celebrating Easter while traveling…

Since downloading pics takes so long where we are at, I decided to skip to today (with only a few pics), and will come back later to catch up on the National Parks that we visited this past week. In our house, Saturday is special because it is’ sugar cereal day’ (when we have it […]