National Civil War Naval Museum, Port Columbus, GA…

A week ago, we left Tuscaloosa, AL, and had a few days to get to Florida.   Our reservations at a large Florida RV park started on Friday, so we had 4 days to get there – and had to take 4 days to get there as the park is notoriously booked up.  Monday we did […]

Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia

On Tuesday, March 30th, we went to Fort Pulaski National Monument. Fort Pulaski was designed and built to guard the river approaches into Savannah, Georgia. Construction began in 1829, and took 18 years to complete (along with 1 million dollars, and 25 million bricks!) Even as late as 1860, it’s armament was not complete, and […]

Fort McAllister state park, GA

On Monday morning, we drove from Brunswick, GA , where we stayed at the Fort McAllister State Park. We drove through town, and saw some lovely old buildings like the city hall (at least I think that is what it was)… When we arrived at Fort McAllister, we were told that we had too many […]

Fort Fredrica National Monument, GA

Last Saturday, we pulled into the WalMart at Brunswick, GA fairly early, so we all hopped into the van and went to Fort Frederica National Monument yet that afternoon. Of course the first thing that we did was to stop in at the visitor’s center and watch the introductory film, and then we picked up […]