Boys night out with the OKC Barons…

We had such a great 2 weeks in Oklahoma City!  While things didn’t look quite like we planned in the volunteer realm, that down time gave us a chance to catch our breaths, and to spend time exploring OKC as a family instead of just mom and the littles (and middles…).  OKC is quite active […]

Peace River, FL – Fun times!

After our week in Orlando, we drove south a bit and spent a week at one of our favorite parks – Peace River TT in Wauchula, FL (don’t ask what big city it’s near, because it’s not near anywhere). This park is a bit unusual because over half the sites are just water and electric […]

Duck Commander headquarters and Beth’s 18th b-day!

Last weekend, we HAD to visit West Monroe, Louisiana while we were in the vicinity (which according to my kids is about a 300 mile radius) – W Monroe was close enough to our RV park near Houston, apparently. Why (?) do you ask.  Well, if you have to ask, you probably won’t get it. […]

Holiday Lanes, Bossier City – Shreveport, LA…

Wednesday we pulled out of Texas, and into Louisiana!  We are going to spend the next week and a half discovering this southern state, whose nickname is “Sportsmen’s Paradise” (or the Pelican State, or the Bayou State, or the Sugar State…).  🙂   We have always traveled through Louisiana via I-10, stopping for a few days north […]

our weekend – at the shooting range!

Yesterday (Saturday), Beth went to Farmer’s Market, and Thomas went with her to peddle Eli’s bracelets.  Eli couldn’t make it because he, Jake, Greg, and Vaughn all went to their first 3-Gun shoot.  They didn’t do too bad for 1st timers 😉  Greg took 11th, Jake was in 14th, Eli 18th, and Vaughn 23rd out of 32.  Not bad since […]

the family that shoots together…Boulder, MT shooting range

This past Saturday was our first experience in pistol shooting competitions.  Just Eli and Jake signed up this time; we thought we should probably find out what it was like before we put everyone in.  It was the best time, and Vaughn spent it lamenting the fact that he hadn’t registered! LOL!  The guys spent the […]

Rapid City’s Watiki Water Park…

When we first pulled into Rapid City, the kids asked if we could stay a day and go to Watiki water park like we had done the first year that we traveled.   We initially said no since we planned on driving to Helena the next day, but after waking up to snow, and Beth looking […]

The Titanic Museum, Pigeon Forge, TN…

While we were in Pigeon Forge, we spent an afternoon at the Titanic Museum.  When driving through Pigeon Forge, you cannot miss it – this huge replica of the ship, built half-size, commands attention as it appears ready to plow through the parkway.  Parking is free, and convenient. At the entrance, we were met by […]

Pigeon Forge & Smoky Mountain Knife Works, TN…

While we were visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we also checked out the town of Pigeon Forge, TN.  I had forgotten how touristy towns out here in the east can be; it reminded us of Myrtle Beach, with all the themed mini golf courses. We were surprised by all the BIG touristy things […]

Renting Beach Carts in Port Aransas, TX…

We took one day and drove northeast to rent beach carts in Port Aransas… Where we picked up these sweet rides… I must admit that I was a little nervous renting beach carts.  I mean, I talked to the owner on the phone, warning him that we wanted to take our family out to ride […]