stop over in Playa del Carmen on the way home from Belize – heading home

Starting to head home. The taxi driver picked the men up at 7 am, and they arrived in Chetumal at 7:45. The border crossing went very smoothly – this time the Belizean officials were very friendly. There was a $38bz. fee (each) to exit the country. On the Mexican side, the officer didn’t even look […]

Thunderbolt water taxi in Belize – Day 13

Caye Caulker Slept in again! Went over to the bank to get some more cash, and CNN was on in the lobby – all about the recession in the US and all doom and gloom… how depressing! Being in Belize playing has made it easy to ‘forget’ all the craziness that is going on at […]

Snorkeling in Belize – Day 12

Lazy morning – slept in until 8 then walked the beach a little and back to the hotel. On the way out of their room to go to the dive shop, the guys met the man staying in the next room – and he was also from Montana and knew our asst. pastor! Small world! […]

Water taxi in Belize – Day 11

Saturday Got up early this morning, checked out of the Copa Banana, and the taxi showed up at 6 to take them down to the docks to catch the Thunderbolt to the cayes. When they got to the dock, the big water taxi had to wait for nearly an hour for some band that was […]

Belmopan, Belize – Day 9

Spanish Lookout Lake (and park) – man-made in celebration of S.L.’s 50th anniversary The guys last morning in Spanish Lookout. Checked out the Farmers Trading Corp. some more this morning, and were so glad that they ran into Henry there as it gave the men a chance to thank him and to say a final […]

Visiting San Ignacio, Belize – Day 8

Wednesday. Today, John cleared his schedule so that he could show the men around. They got up at 6:30, and headed to John’s house for bacon, eggs, pancakes,fry jacks, and a new fruit called a Custard Apple. The custard apple is a little smaller than acantaloupe, grows on a tree, and is full of big, […]

Experiencing school in Belize – Day 7

Wow, hard to believe they guys have been here for 7 days already, and are halfway through their visit! Today ends up being an “Awesome day” (Greg), and was a great opportunity to really meet some of the Belizean people! For lunch, the guys headed over to a restaurant managed by Henry’s wife (the family […]

Driving the Hummingbird Highway in Belize – Day 6

On Monday, after breakfast, the guys went to check out a bookstore owned by one of the Mennonite men, and as our men found out, it was much more than a bookstore. Peter’s store carried a lot of books that Greg recognized both from our own bookshelves, and from home school catalogs (I think they […]

Meeting Mennonites in Belize – Day 5

Attended the Mennonite church in Spanish Lookout this morning. Services began at 9:30 and ran until about 11:30. The members sit in different areas of the church depending on gender and age – the men in the center and on the left, with the younger men farthest left, and the aged towards the front. Same […]

Spanish Lookout, Belize -Day 4

Sat. morning Saw one of the big crocodiles in the canal first thing this morning, which is very exciting if you’ve never seen crocodile before! Then Junior stopped by to see if the guys would like a tour. After checking out at the Copa Banana, they all headed into town via the SUV Stephen had […]