Big Time RV reality show-the Travel Channel…

Big Time RV…

Earlier this year, we were featured in an episode of Big Time RV that aired on the Travel Channel.  We really enjoyed filming the footage last year, and it was fun to finally see the finished product!  We ended up being able to watch it, when it was first aired, at an rv park in Texas that we were staying at!  We don’t usually go to the ‘lodge’ to watch television, but we knew when it was going to be shown and that our rv park had cable in the common building, so we all went over and took over the tv room. lol.  We took over popcorn, and most of us got to watch it, but Vaughn and a couple of the big boys missed most of it as a lady in the park locked her keys in her new rv and came to the tv room looking for help.  They went out and helped her; when they couldn’t break in, they simply let her in with camper keys — OUR camper keys! (yes, it’s an ugly rv secret, but there are only a couple of different camper keys, so get your changed 😉 ).
Anyway, here is the episode that the 10 of us ended up on; or at least some of us did…. we agreed to film with Big Time RV because we thought it would be a fun family project, but it seems that 10 people in one storyline was too many to show and follow when you are limited to under 10 minutes. rofl. 🙂

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