Shopping for a rig & Big Time RV!

WooHoo!Big Time RV | ourtravelingtribe.comSome time ago, The Tribe traveled to Colorado to search for a new RV, and share our fun shopping for a new rv (Dana LOVES rv shopping! lol.)!  You can watch our time on the lot, and in the area, by tuning in to The Travel Channel tonight at 9:30 eastern! Big Time RV starts its 4th season tonight, and we are excited to be included in it!  The film crew was a ton of fun, our salesman was a riot, and we had a great time (but maybe you can tell we were freezing on the lot – the clothes you start filming in are the clothes that you finish in – no adding silly things like jackets and pants when the weather takes a turn for the worse! rofl.).Big Time RV | ourtravelingtribe.comTune in to Big Time RV tonight, then come back and let us know what you thought of it (and we will too since we haven’t seen it yet, either!)! 😀

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