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We have 5 daughters.  So years ago, when I came across a blog post about unique and beautiful hairclips that promised to hold their hair, ease my time spent styling, and were lightweight and durable, I ordered some sight unseen.  Since that time, we have been wearing the Lilla Rose hairclips non-stop!  About a year and a half ago, I (Dana) signed up to be a stylist with the Lilla Rose as I already loved sharing their products!  God has blessed ‘our’ business exceedingly as it has grown to the point that much of the family is also involved in it now.  It is a product that we have used for years, love ourselves, and God is using to free us up to be able to serve Him as He calls us.
girls wearing Lilla Rose hair clips

Our signature ‘flexi clips’ come in 7 different sizes to fit every thickness of hair!  } The flexi is lightweight, extremely durable (it’s made with piano wire!), and is very versatile.  It can be used for any hairstyle from a small bump up to a tails up to a messy bun!  But we also have much more; we carry gorgeous hairbands, decorative bobby pins, elegant hairsticks, and modern UPins!  |
Want to see what Lilla Rose can do for you? Check out the hairstyle tutorials here and revolutionize your morning ‘get ready’ ritual!  🙂
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Please feel free to contact me through the website (or here!) if you have ANY questions, and be sure to check out the monthly Lilla Rose special! <3

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