The Ticknor Tribe on 60 Minutes Australia…

Back in March of this year, The Ticknor Tribe pulled out of Shreveport, LA, and took a short break from our flood cleanup volunteering there, to spend a few days, in Dallas, with a film crew from Australia.  The producer was incredible to work with, and the crew was great!  We all enjoyed our time (and because they were so fun, the kids agreed to do some filming a few weeks later with a different production company, but that is another post for another day 😉 ), and this segment is the result of our time with the 60 Minutes Australia crew…

We hope you enjoy this little peek into our family and life!

***warning: this program is a joint effort with another ‘unconventional’ family, and it airs during ‘adult viewing’ time in AUS – it does contain a couple of ‘risque’ shots (not of us. rofl.).  If you are conservative when it comes to dress, like we are, you may want to preview it before watching it with kids – we just skipped 12:55 to 13:05 😀 …

Lilla Rose

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