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As summer approaches, many of us are planning family road trip vacations.  Some of the best destinations in the west are those that are not planned targeted stops, but places that we just happen to run across in our travels.  Located in northeastern Utah, Logan is sure to be one of those rare road finds.  With exquisite scenery, fun and educational stops, endless opportunities for outdoor activities, and easy access for those traveling via I-15, Logan, Utah is a choice destination for families.

Here are our Top Ten picks for family-friendly things to do in Logan:

1. Drive Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway – This 43 mile stretch of scenic byway offers breathtaking scenery, wildlife viewing, and a plethora of chances for experiencing Utah’s endless nature offerings.  The scenic byway also leads us to some of our next stops…

2. Take a hike to Wind Caves – 5 miles into the National Scenic Byway, you will come to the Wind Caves Trailhead.  Hike the beautiful 1.9 mile path to arrive at Wind Caves, where you will find breathtaking views of Logan Canyon framed by unique wind-etched arches.  This moderate hike is appropriate for youth and should take anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

3. If you are looking for a more intensive hiking experience, consider trekking Crimson Trail.  This 6 mile long hike takes you through lush forested areas, over steep inclines, and along much of the ‘China Wall’ limestone formation that you can see on the south side of the canyon.

4. Would all that hiking have you ready for a snack?  Johnny O’s Spudnuts is the place to find artisan donuts, freshly made from potato flour, throughout the day!  Johnny O’s is also a fun stop for breakfast – try their Spudwich, which is a breakfast sandwich made with an unglazed spudnut!

Logan, Utah, is a prime birding area with over 400 species frequenting the area!

Bald Eagle. Image courtesy of the US FWP.

5. The Logan area is a prime birding area.  Did you know that birding is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the US?  It’s a great past-time, even for kids, and Cache Valley is home to many family-friendly birding trails!  Grab your binos, birding guide, and a notebook and pen, and get out and discover who in the air calls northern Utah home!

6. The American West Heritage Center is a 160 acre living history center where you will be transported back in time.  Reconstructing what life was like from 1820 to 1920, this historical destination offers hands-on fun for families while educating about what local life would have been like for fur trappers, pioneers, and farmers.

7. Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area – this winter destination is a one of a kind stop for viewing elk up close and personal in their cold weather, lower elevation habitat.  You can take a draft-horse pulled sleigh tour out into the fields and through herds of majestic elk; memorable and awe inspiring.

8. Willow Park Zoo – Willow Park is a cute and personable small town zoo that is very affordable!  The zoo is home to multiple rescue animals like a young blind yak and an albino porcupine, and kids will enjoy feeding the fish, ducks, and a reindeer, with food purchased onsite (don’t forget your quarters!).  This AZA member zoo is also a great place to take a break from your road trip; bring a picnic lunch to munch on while the kids burn off some energy on the playground right outside the gates.

The American West Heritage Center is an interesting look into the history of the Logan, Utah, area.

American West Heritage Center. Image courtesy of the Cache Valley Visitor’s Bureau

9. Summer road trips always require lots of ice cream!  If you are a fan of the Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches sold in grocery stores nationwide, you might find a visit to Casper’s Ice Cream (11805 North 200 East, Richmond)  fits right into your travel schedule!  Home of the Fat Boy, this ice cream shop features many different flavors of ice cream, and you can even purchase Fat Boys by the case! While there, ask to see their 15 minute video on the history of the company and how they make their confections.

10. Camping, Picnicing, and Exploring Wild Utah!  With more than 27 different parks, nearly 400 camping sites, and endless opportunities for picnics, hikes, and nature appreciation within a few miles of Logan, Utah, the Cache Valley is a great destination for those of us that love to experience and explore nature!  With great fishing, mountain biking, and a nature center to learn about the area.

The opportunities for outdoor exploration in Logan, Utah, and the Cache Valley are endless.

Logan, Utah is located conveniently right off of I-15, and is a great stop to check out the local history and the great outdoors, no matter what your age.

*This post is sponsored by Visit Logan, where you can find even more information about visiting the family friendly Cache Valley and the city of Logan!

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  1. This is a great list! We love Logan. A couple other places that aren’t as touristy, but more of a place previous residents like to visit when they are in town- The Gossner cheese factory- great prices if you want to stock up on cheese. Aggie Ice Cream up on USU campus is a little pricey, but it sure does taste great and is on par with other premium Ice Cream brands. If you’re coming from the North, the Peppridge Farm factory has a store where you can buy lots of cookie and cracker seconds. It’s closer to Lewiston.

    • Thanks for the recommendations Tamsyn! The kids will especially love the Pepperidge Farm factory since I tend to bulk buy when it’s a good deal! lol.
      🙂 Dana

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