Oxygenics shower head mod… installing the Fury RV

Upgrading our stock shower head to an Oxygenics Fury RV.  ourtravelingtribe.comThis has to be our easiest and fastest mod ever, but it is also one of my favorites!!!  We had a regular Oxygenics shower head in our last rv, and while we had installed it, it had been years ago, and we had since forgotten how awful stock rv shower heads tend to be!  In our new toy hauler, we used the stock shower head for a month after we first got it, and quickly remembered why we had replaced our last one!

When it came time to hit the road for the winter, the thought of lame showers all winter was not appealing.  I did some research and the Oxygenics shower head for rv was at the top of the list again, so I reached out to Oxygenics about doing a review for them.  They wrote back and asked if we would be willing to try out their new Fury RV model…
Replacing our rv show head so we have good water pressure again! ourtravelingtribe.comWe knew that we loved our last Oxygenics, so weren’t sure about trying a different model.
In the end, I’m so glad we said yes!

The Oxygenics Fury RV shower head replaced our stock shower head for a much better shower!  ourtravelingtribe.comThe Fury RV shower head comes with the actual shower head, the wall mount holder, a 72″ hose, and plumber’s tape.  Instructions were included also, but it was such an easy mod from our stock shower head to the Oxygenics shower head!

Vaughn unscrewed the old shower hose – which was considerably shorter, and was leaving black streak marks on our shower stall. Replacing our rv stock shower head with an Oxygenics Fury RV model took under 5 minutes! ourtravelingtribe.com He screwed the new Oxygenics hose in in place of the old one, and fed it through the hose holder already mounted on the wall.  The Fury RV does come with plumber’s tape.  Vaughn chose not to use it, but if there had been any leaks, he would have unscrewed it, used the tape, and reattached.  Super easy!Using the original valves and mount, replacing our rv shower head was fast and easy!  ourtravelingtribe.comThis Oxygenics shower head comes with a wall mount holder for the shower head; it is attached with heavy duty double stick tape so that you don’t have to put a penetration in your shower surround.  We did not use the wall mount that came with the shower head, but instead kept the grab bar that was stock in the rv.  The Oxygenics shower head fit right into it, and we could still adjust the height of the shower head for the littles.RV shower head replaced with an Oxygenics Fury RV shower head - one of our best mods ever!  ourtravelingtribe.comI love the 72″ shower hose – this one is long enough to use when I clean the shower, and to take off and wash Caleb’s hair close so it doesn’t spray him in the face.We love being able to change between 5 different spray patterns with our new Oxygenics Fury RV!  ourtravelingtribe.com

Oxygenics shower heads use a technology that mixes oxygen with the water to create a stronger spray, using your same amount of water pressure, than your typical rv shower head.

I love that now it doesn’t take me 10 minutes to wash the conditioner out of my hair!

The Fury RV weighs less than 2 pounds, yet boasts some impressive features:

*5 spray settings that vary from a soft rain-like spray to a much stronger massage pattern.

The Oxygenics Fury RV has 5 different spray patterns as well as a quick shut off valve to conserve water!  ourtravelingtribe.com*The Fury RV has a no-clog guarantee, with a warranty against failure or clogging.

*The rubber grips on the handle of the shower head are a great upgrade – the shower head is much easier to keep control of with wet hands!

*With the Fury RV, changing the spray patterns is super easy, even with slippery, wet hands – simply move the lever at the bottom of the spray head back and forth to toggle between patterns.

*The Fury RV has a temporary flow restriction valve located on the back of the shower head  (see that small black flipper switch)…this is an easy way to conserve water; With 5 spray pattern to choose from, the Oxygenics Fury RV has been a hit with our kids too!  ourtravelingtribe.comjust flip the switch down and it shuts off most of the water to the shower head.  When you are ready to rinse off more, simply flip the switch back up to turn the water back on without having to readjust the temperature settings.

*The Oxygenics Fury RV comes in both white and brushed nickel finishes.  We chose brushed nickel to match our other bathroom fixtures.

*The Fury RV shower head comes with everything needed to install it.  There are no tools needed, unless you need a wrench to unscrew your old shower head or hose.

*The Fury RV has a maximum output of 2 gallons per minute so you can gauge the very most you are putting into your grey tank if you are boondocking.
A breeze to install, and even easier to use, I'm loving our Oxygenics Fury RV shower head! ourtravelingtribe.comWith 5 spray patterns. the Oxygenics Fury RV makes taking a shower in the rv much more enjoyable!  ourtravelingtribe.com



Now that we have had it a few weeks (with 10 of us, that is already a ton of showers!), we can say that we are very happy with our Oxygenics Fury RV shower head!  It’s wonderful to get a ‘real’ shower, yet know that we are still conserving water, saving on our fresh water tanks while conserving our grey water space at the same time!  We all have our favorite spray settings, and the hardest thing about using the Fury is changing it back to my favorite setting!  😉
The Fury RV is available at Camping World, and runs between $47 and $59 depending on which finish you chose.  You can read all the specs on the Fury RV on the Oxygenics website, here.  (and if you are in a sticks and bricks, be sure to check out the Darth Vader handheld and R2D2 fixed showerheads!).  If you would like to check out what other water saving shower heads Oxygenics produces, you can find them here.

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