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I receive a lot of compliments on our little girls’ swimsuits.  It’s not that they are extra special, or necessarily made of an adorable fabric, it’s that there is something charming about seeing little girls dressed like little girls…cute, feminine, and modest.  But mostly modest.

Why is it fashionable for little boys to be wearing long sleeve rashguards and knee-length board shorts, while at the same time we hypocritically entertain the view that it’s cute for little girls to be decked out in underwear.?.  Because, let’s be honest…bikinis really are just underwear – made out of a different fabric.  Would we want our little girls (I’m not talking toddlers, but up to tweens, even teens) running about the beach or pool in their underwear?  And are one-pieces with the same underwear style bottoms any different?

It was insane trying to find Emma (size 9) modest girl swimsuits this winter after a chlorine-happy campground pool ruined her suit.  The other girls had extra suits, but Em did not, so I was forced to find her a new one, and on short notice.  It was impossible to find anything in the stores!   It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  And I’m not the only one that feels frustrated.  Every time that I post a remark about how difficult it is to find modest girl swimwear/sunwear, I get TONS of feedback from other moms looking for the same!

So, I’ve put together a list of the top sunwear companies that offer modest girl swimsuits for up to sizes 12 or 14 (in no particular order) – I’ve included clickys for ease of finding, but none are affiliate links:

UV Skinz – this company was founded by a woman after her husband died of skin cancer at age 32, leaving behind her and 3 young sons.  I love this company because ALL they sell is sunwear, so you don’t have to dig through pages of other items.   Large selection, up to size 14 (and some fun women’s too!).  This brand is occassionally found at Costco (tho a special, simple design that they don’t sell on the website,and only up to size 7 – if you find them, grab several sizes as they are a fab find!).  We have had these suits numerous times and love them.Modest girls suits are hard to find.  Here are the best brands... carries both short and long sleeve rashguards, along with matching skorts, board shorts, skirted swim tights, and cute dress-style cover-ups.  UPF50+, sizes 3m to 12.  This company will often run a 10% off + free shipping on orders over $100 – check the top of the page for coupon code.Coolibar offers modest choices for girls swimwear offers several different options including short and long sleeved rashguards, with adorable matching skorts, fitted capris, and shorts (and even have women’s sunwear also!). They have cute matching hats in both brim and flap styles. All fabrics are UPF 50+ and chemical free. Shipping is free on orders over $49, but only $2.99 anyway, so very affordable!  *sign up for their email newsletter, and receive 20% off of your first order.
Also, check for discounted tuga as well as other name is a company that offers limited rashguard sets with fitted shorts in sizes up to 14.  These 50+ UV protection suits are adorable, and you can even find them here and there in the US in some sporting goods stores (pretty sure I found them in a Dick’s SG in CA).  (site wouldn’t let me copy image, but Fiery Shores rashguard set was my fav! 🙂 ).


Some other companies that you may want to check out…these do not offer as many options, or may not be quite as modest, but you may find something that interests you. 🙂 offers quality sunwear up to size 14.  Limited styles, and available only in rashgurds, board shorts, and a few bike shorts.  We have owned platypus before, and were happy with the quality – I did feel it ran small, so be sure to go by measurements! – Australian based company that has some cute tankini sets with fitted ‘boy shorts’ for bottoms.  Up to size 14.  Can order board shorts and rashguards seperately to create a suit.  Have always loved our snapperrock in the past, and it stands up well to clorine abuse.

Lands End offers a few one-piece skirted suits and skirted tankinis, as well as a new skirted capri bottom. LL Bean carries a skirted bottom, rashguards, and sports shorts.

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