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If you’ve been following our happenings over on facebook, you know that lately we’ve been a little distracted with all that has been going on!  We have been on the lookout for a new family friendly toy hauler for our tribe.  We found the new RV that we wanted to call home, which meant a roadtrip from near Houston, to one of our favorite states, Louisiana (yay for roadtrips to places we love!) to purchase and pick it up.

We are used to seeing a big toy hauler behind that crazy color-change truck! ourtravelingtribe.com

An unusual view for us – we are accustomed to following a big toy hauler behind that truck! 😉

We picked the rv up last Friday, pulling out of the dealer lot at 6pm, then stayed Friday and Saturday nights at a Louisiana State Park since we could not find a private RV park that didn’t charge extra kid fees.  We wanted to try out the coach before we got too far away from the dealership (and their shop – new rvs are notorious for needing warranty work right off the lot).

Camping at the Sam Houston Jones State Park in Louisiana. ourtravelingtribe.com

One should never pull a BIG, new rv into an unfamiliar state park, in the dark, assuming that it will be just as spacious as the other state parks one has been to.

That was fine since we love LA State Parks! 🙂 but the weather was rainy so we didn’t even go out and explore!  Our trip had been a bit last minute (lol) so after picking up the rv we made a stop at Walmart for a weekend’s worth of microwave food and disposable plates/cups/utensils since we didn’t bring ANYTHING but clothing, bedding, and toothbrushes!  Makes for a more exciting adventure if you don’t plan well, right???

our new RV - a Crossroads Elevation Las Vegas! ourtravelingtribe.com

New homes are exciting, but no, Molly, you can’t jump on this bed either! lol.

We had the best time, and brought the new toy hauler back to the RV park that we were staying in, on Sunday afternoon.

Time to take our new rv home and move in!  ourtravelingtribe.com

Her first of many road trips!

We parked in the site right next to our old rv, and the moving process began.    Vaughn flew out the next day for some special international disaster relief volunteering training, and the kids and I spent the week moving, cleaning, and washing.  It was a crazy busy time, but we have lots of hard-working hands here, and somehow it all got done!

Now that we are pretty much settled, Vaughn is back, and things aren’t quite so hectic, we wanted to share a tour of our new toy hauler.  This is before we were completely moved in, and we have lots of remodels already planned for our new home.  We will do another tour after we have modified it to fit us, but this shows you why we chose this particular rv even tho it wasn’t even on our radar as a good big family friendly toy hauler floorplan.

Lilla Rose

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  1. I was wondering how you handle the electrical load with kitchen appliances such as a vitamix?

    • Laurie,
      We do have to be careful what large loads we run at the same time. How many items we can run will depend on if we have a 30 amp or 50 amp hookup. If we have 50, we can run 2 or 3 large appliances, depending on what they are. If we only have 30, we are careful not to run more than 2, and something like the microwave or Vitamix, we would turn off the others and just run that one item (thankfully they are short use items!) 🙂 Dana

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