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Engaging, Educational, and Enjoyable Kindle apps for kids.  OurTravelingTribe.comHere are a few more educational apps for the Kindle Fire that we have found and love for screen schooling.  These are in addition to the apps listed under the “Best Educational Apps for Schooling with the Kindle Fire” button that is in our right sidebar.  These will be added to that list soon, but for those of you that have already looked through and downloaded those educational apps, these are all new.

Same qualifications as before, TicknorTribe recommended apps must be more educational than gaming, yet engaging.  We have a struggling reader right now, hence the numerous phonics apps 😉 !…


Sound It Out – this app is an easy and simple way to practice and reinforce consonant and short vowel sounds.  Based around 3 letter, short vowel words, this app covers letter recognition, as well as placing the correct letter into a 3 letter word or spelling the whole word.  5 variations, each with 2 levels, this app would be good for littles learning their sounds to basic blending.  The app does show a picture of the object, and if you hover over the letter tiles, the app will say the letter’s sound.   This app is never ending – there are no points, in fact, no end to the practice, so it may work best with a timer, or some sort of goal to completion; when you are done playing or want to change mode/difficulty, simply ‘x’ out to go back to the home screen. $.99

Kids Phonics – Consonants, Short and Long Vowels…  This is a comprehensive phonics app.  There are so many focus options that we are still exploring them!  While the littles can choose the phonics group they want to work with, I generally get them started based on what I want them to practice at the time; from groups of consonants, to individual short and long vowel sounds, to blends, and silent letters, you can choose what your child practices.  The app does keep track of which sections have been completed if you want to do them in order, This is one of the most expensive apps that I have even purchased, but it is cute, fun, engaging, and is great practice; with 15 different games in 1200 lessons, we will definitely get our $4.99 back in learning value!  Very pleased with this one!!!

Cimo Can Spell (Sound out words) – Cimo the penguin has captured my little girls’ hearts.  He is such a cutie; he waits for them to spell out verbalized words using letter tiles that look like small icebergs to make a bridge for Cimo to cross from one iceberg to his fish treat on another –  if the student makes a mistake, Cimo gets dumped in the drink, and the letters from the mistake, and after, are reset and the girls have to try again. Letters are said by name before and during spelling, and after completion the word is sounded out for the student, as well as the letters being highlighted as each sound is said during sounding out.  Cimo actually only has one review, and it’s a bad one.  I get that the reviewer thought it was silly to sound it out AFTER the child had to spell it, but this is what Peanut LOVES about this program.  She is a stubborn do-it-herself kind of girl, and she wants to figure it out all by herself.  Help her understand it after afterwards, but don’t give her hints before!  Fun spelling program, with the easiest being 3 letter short vowel words, to the hardest as 4 and 5 letter long vowel and oo sounds sometimes including an extra teaser letter.  Great for beginning readers who understand sounding out, but need the practice seeing it on paper (or screen 😉 ).  We bought the sound-out version, but there is also a Cimo Spelling Sight-word version if you teach reading by sight.  $2.99 (with 90 coins back); free ‘lite’ (partial) versions are also available.

Freefall Money – Coin Math for Kids This app is for students who know the difference between and the worth of the different denominiations, but need practice counting up mixed groups of coins.  Set the app to use groups of 3 to 10 coins, then: drag and drop to match 4 coin groups to their amount, drag ‘x’ amount to the piggy bank, or count up the total in change on the screen and type in your answer; complete 7 problems, and receive a fish for your aquarium (as silly as it is, this is my one hang-up with this app – the app runs vertical, but your fish tank is horizontal. Bout drove my OCD crazy to have to rotate the Kindle. 😛 ).  No verbal instructions, but once through and your child will know what to do.   FYI – works well with USD, but euro makes it crash for me.  $.99

Simply Fractions (Lite), Math Basics Basic fraction practice.  Students need a quick overview of numerators vs. denominators, but then the app takes over giving them some practice on reading low numbered, simple fractions. This is the free, partial version – there is a paid version for $1.99 if your student wants/needs more practice.


Fractions & Pirates – this app is a hoot!  Pirate themed, with upbeat high seas music, there are 4 different types of activities, each with 3 levels: simple fractions, equivalent, comparing, and addition.  Fun app with engaging graphics; in fact, your student might just get a few wrong on purpose to watch the explosions!  If you enjoy this one, try out their Percents & Pirates app too!  $1.99 each.


Geography Drive USA: 50 U.S. States & Capitals Trivia Games This app can store the history for 3 students, who can rock their ride by earning money for upgrades (well, with what they have left after filling up!).  Students must be fairly proficient readers as this is trivia game, not a geography game. After completing a state, you can drive your car to a bordering state to complete the questions for that state; be savvy planning your travel route so you don’t have to drive through (and answer more questions for) repeat states (course, you could fly, but then you’d have less money for a cool new paint job)!

Map Me If You Can – this is a great geography quiz that is a little more detailed, and with more ‘mature’ graphics than, most apps; it does only include the USA and Europe at this point (but it’s free, so I’m not complaining!).  Drag and drop the states/capitals/countries, with accuracy, in their place with no outlines for clues.  This app times your work, offers just 2 locations to place at a time (no going through and doing the easy ones first 😉 ), and tracks your correct placements.  This app is great, but ONLY for larger tablets – even on our 8.9″ Kindle, some of the states are super small – would be impossible to do on a small screen!

Red Herring – do you know what a red herring is?  In this case, it is not a fish; a red herring is a word that is meant to mislead.  And while this free app isn’t going to turn your student into a classically trained honor roll student, it’s a fun little word game where students place words into groupings.  Each puzzle has 12 words that need to be placed into 3 groups, as well as 4 red herring words mixed in.  Easy level gives you category names, med starts categories without telling you what they are,and the hard level makes you figure out the categories without clues.  I would suggest this for proficiently reading elementary, maybe middle school, students.  First 50 games free (can replay), additional sets of 50 games are $.99.

If you haven’t pinned it before, hop over to save and check out our first volume of our Best in Educational Apps for the Kindle.

We hope you enjoy the educational apps that we have found and love!  And that your budding learners enjoy their education whether it’s in the woods, on paper, or through a screen (or all of the above! 😉 ).

Lilla Rose

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