Fun selling fireworks with the tribe…

I guess I took a bit of a break on here. lol. Things were pretty crazy around here for the last 2 months…after some time of volunteering on the road, we came back to MT, and had 2 days to settle in before Vaughn and Jake flew out for a month in Alaska.  When they got back (AK will be it’s own post after I find time to wade through all the pics they brought back), we had 2 days before we had to stock both our pyro stands, split up again to man them, and then have lots of fun selling fireworks.

DSC_0777_705ed For 12 days we peddled powder


and played pyros.DSC_0790_718ed And boy did I have lots of help! 😉DSC_0765_693ed

During our time at the firework stand, we celebrated Emma’s 9th birthday.  I can always remember how many years we have been selling fireworks because Emma has had every one of her birthday celebrations in an RV at a firework stand. lol.
She loves it tho – the first thing she and her little sisters do when we set up the stands is to go out and pick the colors of firework birthday candles they want…
DSC_0759_006ed Emma chose yellow this year.  We’ve learned not to light it on the counter under the cabinets.  😉DSC_0765_012ed This year her birthday was on the weekend so we had her party bright and early so dad and Jake could get back and open their stand.DSC_0770_017ed

She’s 9, and in that odd stage between toys and grown up stuff.  Thank goodness she’s easily pleased!  We just got her a bunch of junk treasures that she loved. lol  😀

DSC_0810_057edJake was his usual charming self at the fireworks stand – we joke that when he’s not busy picking up the older ladies at disaster relief sites, he’s busy doing the same at the firework stand.  No really.
Vaughn thought it was hilarious, but this nice older (well, early 50s?) lady came to the stand and Jake helped her.  When she had purchased some fireworks for her family,she remarked that they would be back, and asked him when he would be working again.  Vaughn told her when they would be open, but she specifically wanted to know when Jake would be working. lol. (the poor kid, he doesn’t even know what he’s doing for all the attention)  She came back twice more, and wouldn’t let anyone else assist her.  She even brought us a dozen farm fresh eggs.  🙂

The other day I bought Jake a new Under Armor shirt (it was 80% off 😉 ).  I made him promise he’d wear it before I showed it to him…  😀
DSC_0036_001edAfter selling fireworks, inventorying the unsold ones, and cleaning up the stands, we had another break of just a few days before we moved the rv down to my sisters for a rollicking 4th of July party (which is never on the 4th), and some fabulously fun cousin time!  I’ll share some pics next time!  🙂

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