Night on the range…

While the tribe was volunteering with tornado cleanup in Baxter Springs, on the last night of the deployment, the entire Samaritan Purse team was invited out to…
DSC_0036_036eShow Me Birds is the largest pheasant hunting resort in the United States, and is located just a couple of miles outside of little Baxter Springs, Kansas, on gorgeous acreage.DSC_0128_128eCaleb fell asleep on the drive out there, so he looked like this most of the evening…DSC_0068_068eBut the rest of us looked like this…DSC_0031_031eand this…DSC_0037_037e and this…DSC_0072_072e(Ok, the one in the purple isn’t ours, but she and Beth had a ball volunteering together all week – everyone called them the ‘grin twins’ 🙂 ).
The church that had hosted Samaritan’s Purse brought out burgers and hot dogs for on the grill, and we all had a fun cookout.DSC_0070_070eDuring our time being hosted at Show Me Birds, the crew was treated to skeet shooting.DSC_0043_043e We don’t shoot nearly as much as we used to, with ammo prices having skyrocketed, and being on the road and all, but Jake didn’t do too bad.
The thrower ( just pushes a button 😉 ) sent a bird/clay pigeon out, and Jake shot it.  He missed the second, and then hit the 3rd again.  The shooters were getting 3 birds at a turn to keep the line going,


but the thrower said that Jake couldn’t end on a hit, so he sent out a fourth.  Jake hit it, and since he couldn’t end on a hit, he had to keep going.  After his seventh consecutive hit, Jake smiled, handed the gun back, and said he’d better let someone else have a turn while there was still ammo left.  😉
DSC_0055_055edThe boys all shot (Multiple times!), and even the big girl…DSC_0100_100edIt was a fun time for everyone!DSC_0078_078eThose who weren’t into shooting either sat around the gorgeous pavillion chatting, walked the beautiful grounds, or went fishing.DSC_0082_082e…and the fishing was good.  The boys had a ball catching these little pumpkin seeds…DSC_0088_088eOver our years of traveling, and the kids having to pose here and there and here again, they have learned to have fun with the camera.  Except Caleb.  This is what he looks like when mom wants to take any posed shots of him…  rofl.DSC_0112_112e There is a lot of camaraderie on these relief jobs.  And everyone is so sweet!  Here ‘Uncle Kenny’ (the boss man for this project) grabbed the girls while I was taking a few pics of the boys shooting, and took them fishing!DSC_0115_115e and wouldn’t give them back.  I think he was missing his kiddos back home.  <3DSC_0130_130eIt was a fabulously fun four hours of being hosted by the largest pheasant hunting preserve in North America as a thank you for helping out their little hometown.
**While I don’t think that Show Me Birds has RV sites, there is a cute little campground just a few miles away.  If you are traveling through SE Kansas in the spring or fall, and enjoy pheasant hunting, you might want to check out their website.  🙂
DSC_0079_079eIt was the perfect wrap-up to a great week of disaster relief work.
DSC_0108_108eAnd since we did not get a chance to thank the owner personally (he was a popular guy! lol), we’d like to say a great big Thank You to Show Me Birds for their incredible hospitality that blessed our whole family; Thank you for opening your home and property for God’s glory!

Lilla Rose

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  1. Sara Bilodeau says

    This looks like such a great time! The place alone would have been a blast, but getting to share sweet fellowship with like minded people is a blessing!

    Hey, nice updated picture of the family too!

  2. Hey there Dana! Thank you for this exciting experience with Show Me Birds, it is really a great place to hang out with the family!


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