Volunteering in Georgia: Our Week…

Volunteering in Georgia…
Vaughn and the bigs on the ice storm cleanup crew.
Looks like trouble to me!DSCN2827_002 Beth running the skidsteer.  Beth. Like I said, Trouble!  😉DSCN2832_007 Getting pointers from the guys.  She did great! 🙂DSCN2836_011 Hope we’re at the correct address!!!DSCN2858_033The team leader sent Vaughn and the kids down first to make sure they were at the right place  😉

They were  🙂  so it was time to fire up the saws!DSCN2871_046 DSCN2874_049All of last week was cold and rainy.


My volunteers would come home at night with muddy pants and wet boots.
We were already running heaters to keep the rig warm, so they would hang their jeans, and prop their boots up in front of the heaters to dry.
They came home pretty tired too.
DSC_0254_026For those of us not out on the work crews, the cold and rainy weather last week meant schoolwork.  We don’t do much bookwork while we are on the road – we do things a little backwards – when everyone else is in school and we are out and about traveling, we do school here and there…long drives, when we are parked somewhere for an extended amount of time (say, more than 3 or 4 days), or if the weather is not conducive to being outside.  Then, in the summer, when all the other kids are on summer break, while we are back in Montana for a few month, our kids get schoolwork. overtime.
But with the chilly weather last week, the younger ones got quite a bit done.  🙂
DSC_0256_028But we did get out to check out this scenic lake…DSC_0230_002and played the little ping pong table that the camp host put out…DSC_0236_008 There is a fun playground here, just the right size for the littles,that overlooks the lake.


The littles had a fun time playing on it one day…they are looking forward to this week as it is supposed to be warm, sunny weather all week!DSC_0240_012It is just a few sites down from our campsite; a short walk.DSC_0246_018A couple of days ago, the boys threw out their lines at dusk; they looked out the next morning to find that the lake had risen due to all the rain and that their rods were floating.  Good thing they had jammed them in some logs, that still held them…they boys went down and reeled in their line to put the rods away, and found this 15″ Pickerel on one of the poles.  It was their first ever Pickerel…DSC_0260_032 Then they reeled in the other line, and found a 27″, 6.5 pound catfish on it.  It was their biggest catfish ever.  They were pretty stoked.  😀DSC_0286_058 Needless to say that from that point on, their schoolwork was interrupted quite often with runs down to check the poles (which they, of course, did NOT put away, but rebaited and threw back out!).
They didn’t catch much else (so far!), but this nice Bream (or Pumpkin Seed – I think those are the names the boys called them?)…DSC_0301_073This is such a wonderful lake!
We have decided to stay here another week as opposed to moving to a Thousand Trails campground nearly 2 hours away.  We love it here!  This coming week will have the bigs still volunteering, some ‘school’/blog field trips around Augusta, a birthday, and lots of fishing and playing outside.  Maybe even swimming in the lake since it’ll be in the 70s.  🙂
Looking forward to one more week in gorgeous Georgia!!!  <3

Lilla Rose

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