Camping in Georgia; Petersburg Campground on Thurmond Lake…

I had forgotten that I didn’t finish up our visit to Augusta, Georgia!  We were there for nearly 3 weeks, and spent most of that time at the Petersburg Campground on Thurmond Lake, just nw of Augusta.

It is a lovely campground, with big sites that all have flat yard areas 9 (pea gravel) with a picnic table and fire ring.
The little girls caught snails in the lake…
DSC_0355_028 Which we did not let them keep.  While we were there, Vaughn and the 3 big kids would be gone all day, 6 days a week, in Augusta helping with the ice storm damage.  We had company over one of the weekends, and the day after she left I made a comment about the back room being smelly – Emma said that maybe it was her fault – and she pulled an unsealed ziploc bag out of her school drawer.  In it was a large, very dead snail that she had been saving since we were in New Jersey.  She said she didn’t want to throw it out because she found it when Greg was with us.  <3 , but ewww!  I still made her throw it out, despite her emotional attachment to it. LOL!  I wonder if our company noticed our unpleasant odor and figured it was because we have 9 kids in an RV (which I guess it kinda was!)ROFL!!!
The little girls were required to return theirs to the lake in short order.  😉
DSC_0361_034 The little boys spent some time fishing…DSC_0632_005 And we celebrated Thomas’ 15th Birthday!!!  DSC_0640_013The kids and I took the kayaks out…DSC_0674_013 including Peanut taking the Hobie out herself (it’s the only one light enough), DSC_0687_026the little bay we were in was perfect for it.
DSC_0696_035 And we all rowed over to the boat docks to check them out.  The lake is a little bigger than our favorite one back home that we like to kayak around.  No chance doing this whole thing. LOL!DSC_0715_054 We even kayaked to the playground…DSC_0751_090

We had a great time in the Petersburg campground on Thurmond Lake!  We caught lots of lizards, fished, played on the playground, had fun games of cornhole and pingpong, and lots of campfires.  We had a laundrymat across the street (a single washer and dryer in the bathhouse), fabulous camp hosts (both in our loop, and at the gate), and even got lots of schoolwork done (and was ruefully reminded to never try to do any bookwork AFTER a field trip – none of us managed good attitudes! LOL!)


We loved our time here and in Augusta, and hope to be back someday!

Lilla Rose

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