Peace River, FL – Fun times!

After our week in Orlando, we drove south a bit and spent a week at one of our favorite parks – Peace River TT in Wauchula, FL (don’t ask what big city it’s near, because it’s not near anywhere).
This park is a bit unusual because over half the sites are just water and electric hookups (no sewer).  You park in one of those spots and get on a list that lets you wait for a full hookup site when it opens.   We were only going to be here for 4 days, while we waited for our mail to arrive, so we opted to just stay in our site and not get on the waiting list.  DSC_0002_002The weather was beautiful for our Peace River stay, and the littles went to the pool nearly every day (I think we missed one), including the day we arrived.  And we ended up being there for a week and a half. LOL!DSC_0005_005Peace River has such a nice atmosphere!  The snowbirds here are very welcoming to kids, and the kids can even get in the hot tub here (Peanut thinks that is one of the greatest things ever!).  We would stay at the pool until nearly dusk, then the kids would go over to the hot tub until the staff would kick us all out at dark.
DSC_0015_015 The reason that we were at PR, was because we were stalking friends.  The dad, Allen, is Vaughn’s on-the-road fishing buddy, and they had to come down and float the Peace River…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They went out most days, taking different floats (sections of the river), and doing their best to empty it of fish.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They had a great time,


didn’t get eaten by any of the gators or snapping turtles that they saw, and even caught a few fish to boot!
DSC_0028_007 And look at this boy!!!  I can’t believe it!!!  He’s wet!  ROFL!DSC_0034_003 And happy, happy, happy!!!DSC_0035_004 He still doesn’t just LOVE the water, but he did love walking in it on the long steps that this pool has.  And the family that passed the little ladybug floaties to Molly, well, their little boy really took off swimming while we were here, and he wanted to give his cute monkey floaties to Caleb!!!  <3  It was the sweetest!  Caleb has gotten so brave that I was making him wear a lift jacket so he could have a little more freedom, but it was so bulky that he couldn’t get up and down the steps.  He loves the monkey wings, and he was feeling pretty invincible in them!!!  DSC_0040_009 More fish.  I’m telling you   DSC_0063_032(not that I really minded because that is the whole reason we came all the way down into Florida!)
The bigs love this park too!

DSC_0009_009 And there were all sorts of activities this year!  The kids did sidewalk chalk (sorry, not real pics, but bad phone ones are on instagram – TicknorTribe 😉 ), bubbles, hopscotch, paint,DSC_0076_002 and even had kid Olympics.  Hula hooping and jump roping.  We have to work on those jump roping skills.
But they cleaned up in hula hooping.DSC_0082_008And I’m afraid that our friends, you know, the ones we came to FL to see, who are also the ones who taught us how to make our own hoops, were ruing the day they taught us.  LOL!
Miss Carrie, who was doing the kids’ activities, sat in a chair to time this contest, and I asked her if she brought a book.  She laughed and asked ‘how long could it take?”  she joked 45 minutes, and I said, “at least”.  She got up, and made the kids walk forward, back up, and turn in circles.  Guess she had stuff to do! LOL!  😀


She started in on these two quicker when she saw they had settled in for the long haul and had their iPods out and were texting! ROFL!  😀DSC_0093_019

The kids didn’t win ALL  Peanut, Emma, and Joel all won their age groups, but our friends won for the teen group!  🙂

And, more Peace River floating…


The littlest ones liked the playground they have here.  Caleb really liked the climbing rock part that leads up to the slide.

DSC_0089_015 And more floating.DSCN2674_055 And kids!  Did I mention that there were a gazillion kids here too!  The boys had grand football games out in the wide open fields (they are just RV sites, but the hookups are clear at the back)…they met some nice new friends!DSC_0123_001 oh yeah, and the guys went fishing…DSC_0127_005This is one of the few parks that I could spend my 2 weeks at, and not be ready to leave.  Tho my pantry was ready to leave! LOL!  There is no Costco or Aldi close by, so I was putting off grocery shopping, and the cupboard was getting pretty bare!   (yes, they caught fish, but not enough for this tribe!)

When we left PR, we spent a night in Kissimmee, FL, while we visited with some dear friends that we had not seen for 2 years!!!  The girls caught up visiting, as did us parents, and we SO ENJOYED getting to see them again, that it wasn’t until we had left that I realized I had not taken a single picture!!!!  🙁

We loved our time in Florida, and wish we could have stayed longer, but the army waits for no parent, so we are already 2 states away, and heading up to see our soldier!!!  <3

Lilla Rose

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