days with our soldier at Cape May…

We had the best time with our soldier before he flew out!  The last day that we had him (Sunday), we went down to the Cape May Point State Park, which really wasn’t very far since we were an hour and 45 min south of the fort.DSC_0001_001It was chilly, and we drove around with bags of garbage in the van because we forgot to stop at the dumpster on our way out of the park ( 1st world RV-world problems), but we had a nice time anyway.  🙂
There is a nice state park – Cape May Point S P, that has a lighthouse ($7 ea if you want to climb it), lots of beach access,


and a little museum.  We really just did the beach.


It’s never too cold to walk barefoot on the beach!DSC_0090_090It was bittersweet knowing that we would be saying ‘see you later’ in a couple of hours.DSC_0008_008 The kids were not supposed to get their feet wet.  DSC_0010_010 You know how that works for us.  Even the bigs have a hard time with that one.  Still.  😀
Peanut found a Lightning Whelk egg case on the beach.


They took it apart to see all the dead little baby snails in it…DSC_0034_034Beth is such a good sport…
DSC_0054_054I love the relationship that these two have – big protective bro, ornery adoring little sis.  I’m pretty sure they in charge of picking out the other’s future spouse! ROFL!!!  😀
DSC_0069_069 Even though it wasn’t warm, it was beautiful!DSC_0071_071 On the beach there at the state park (which is free to get into, by the way) is an old bunker.  You can’t go inside, but it’s still pretty neat!DSC_0080_080Things got pretty quiet as the day wore on.  We were all thinking of our boy leaving.DSC_0065_065On our way out of the park, we stopped at the little ranger/information station (hey, when you travel with 9 kids and you see a restroom, you stop.), which has a couple of displays…DSC_0095_095and a bumper sticker!!!  <3DSC_0096_096Next door was a small museum that featured some live reptiles.  Caleb is really into snakes, so we had to stay for a bit.DSC_0100_100 They also had some displays about the local military history (bunker, and a nearby watch tower).DSC_0102_102 The lighthouse was pretty cool too – tho we didn’t take the time to climb it.  In the 5 years that we have been on the road, this is the closest that we have come to a lighthouse!  There is still so much that we want to do and see!  🙂DSC_0116_116 Then it was back to the RV park we were staying at.  After dinner the kids played mini golf


while Vaughn and Greg went fishing for a bit.


After ice cream (because the army doesn’t feed them Moose Tracks), we had to return him.
Even ‘see you later’s suck.DSC_0086_086When you think about it, would you pray for our soldier?
Because even though I know that our soldier is right where God wants him, this momma can’t say enough of her own.  <3

Lilla Rose

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  1. I will pray for your young *grown man* soldier as if he were my own son. I had to watch my own grandson leave for the Marines, and it’s just not what mom’s enjoy, even though our pride shines bright.
    Many blessings on your son as he serves his country and makes his parents so proud. How wonderful that you have him as a role model for the younger ones, and that we have a great young man of character protecting our country. God bless each of you!
    Becky in Texas

  2. Absolutely will pray for Greg, as I do for all of you!

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