Bayou Segnette State Park, NOLA…

After we left Baton Rouge, the plan was to head to our favorite Louisiana State Park – Fontainebleau, just north of Lake Pontchartrain, which is New Orleans’ northern border.  We very seldom make reservations when we travel, and this was no exception!  We had decided to head there on Friday evening thinking that the more time we had there, the better.  Only, when we got to Fontainebleau, we found that the campground was fully reserved for the weekend; we had failed to realize that we were heading into a 3 day weekend (the one time keeping a better eye on the calendar would have been beneficial  LOL!).

So, despite it being 7 pm, and dark out, we buckled back up and hit the road.  Tho, it did take us a bit!  Our toy hauler is over 40′ long, and there was no way that it could be turned around at the entrance to the park.  The rangers told Vaughn he could drive it down to the lake and do the loop that is there to get headed the right direction to exit the park.  While trying to turn around, ended up calling us to bring him the other walkie-talkie (we each drive with one – it’s easier to communicate through them than always using the cell phones).  We drove through the park to find him, them handed out talkie to Jake.  Jake crawled back up the ladder to the top of our 5er, where he kept busy moving some tree limbs higher in order to ensure the survival of our air conditioning units, while Vaughn inched the rv under the branches of the huge sprawling oaks that line the road.

We did have reservations for a park closer to New Orleans for Monday and Tuesday, so I called them and they said had room for us for the weekend too.
We pulled in to Bayou Segnette, in the dark, on Friday night.   We had one of the best sites, but I wouldn’t suggest that particular one if you are a big rig and you’re pulling in after dark! LOL!  Must have taken Vaughn 4 tries before he cleared the site # post, and didn’t go in the ditch the other way! ROFL!!!  There was a time when 2 of the axles on the 5er were off the ground on one side, and another when one of the front tires of the truck was off.  He’s not a fan of backing to his blind side in the dark!  I should have asked for a different site when I signed in, but once we got in it, we LOVED the site – it was as if we had our own personal yard, with the van parked across the front, and trees and a creek on the other 2 sides (and the rv made the 4th).
The kids loved playing at this park; lots of room to run, with very spacious and level sites (we parked our 5er, truck (still hooked up) and our van (parallel to the road) in our one camping site), and ours even had a deck to put the picnic table level with our parking pad.    These were some of the nicest RV sites that we have had. period.  The sites are w/e (not fhu), but there is a very easy-access dump station on your way in (which is also out) of the campground area of the park.

We stayed at Bayou Segnette from Friday evening through Wednesday morning; two of those days we went into NOLA to do some sightseeing, and the other 2 we stayed in the park and tried to recoup from our whirlwind visit to the rest of Louisiana! LOL!
The kids loved this park – there was so much for them to do right here!

Unless you travel fulltime and experience a lack of campfire facilities, it will probably sound silly, but my kids loved being able to build fires and roast hot dogs and marshmallows!  They would burn our cardboard, and ‘cleaned up’ any rouge sticks and branches from our site.  They were Tickled.  really.  You’d be surprised at how many campgrounds no longer allow campfires!


The campground area of the park is shaped a little like an ‘8’, and there are bath-houses at each end, tucked towards the front of the loops.  If you reserve a site in the back of the loops, you can use fun boardwalks through the undergrowth to take a shortcut to the restrooms, laundry rooms, and playgrounds!


All of the sites were paved, and spacious.  Some of them even had 2 picnic tables.  They had several ADA sites, but all were easy to maneuver around.  And each parking pad has tons of space around it!


The bath house in our loop (which looks just like the bathhouse in the other loop. LOL!)..


The kids had the most fun on the playground equipment!  Even Caleb would climb up the steps and go down the slides.  over and over.  4 loads of laundry worth. non-stop.


There is one thing about Bayou Segnette, that is a little bizarre…
It’s the free laundry!  Now, I’m not complaining, but you have to admit, that’s a little unusual.  This is the first FREE laundrymat that we’ve had in 5 years of fulltiming! LOL!   And no, I did not wash everything in the RV.  ROFL!
Each bathhouse has 2 washers and 2 dryers.  And the windows in the laundry look right out onto the playground.  There are also 2 utility sinks in here, one at each end next to the dryers.

All the bath-houses in the park are nice.  The ones in the campground are exceptionally nice, and include showers for the campers…

I was very pleased with how clean they were, and how well lit they were at night.  Since we didn’t have sewer hookups, the kids would take their showers in the bath-house, and would use the restroom over there too.

Traveling with Kids?
Hint: get each of the kids their own color of towel!  When we first started, I thought it would save space/money (you know simplify!) to just get a dozen white towels (I could bleach them if they got dirty, I could replace some and they’d still match, it wouldn’t matter which one they used).  Turns our, a dozen white towels was a total pain.  If someone left the one they used on the floor, mom couldn’t tell who the guilty party was.  If it was missing, you couldn’t tell who lost it.
So, I collected a different color towel for each of the 9 kids we have ‘at home’ still – and they each have a hook in the bathroom where the towels hang in a rainbow of color against our wall behind the toilet.  The kids each know which hook and color of towel is theirs, and because they are Supposed to have scrubbed off in the shower, their towels should still be clean after they dry off with them. right?  right.  Then they hang them on their own personal hook, and the towel dries to be used again next time.  Now, we just wash every week or other week, depending when we have a laundrymat and we think of it – also, the older kids who take more showers have theirs washed more often than say, Caleb, who hates baths…

The kids would grab their towels, and a take the short walk over to the restrooms, which were cleaned at least once a day, and several of them could take showers at a time (there are  showers in each restroom).

The park is a lovely place to walk, whether it’s walking the trails, doing the loops, or going to another part of the park away from the campground.


Bayou Segnette has 98 w/e campsites, and the convenient dump station is free for campers.  The park is a gated area, with attendants from 6am to 9pm, and the rest of the time the entrance is locked (you do have a way to get in/out of the park if needed).


There is a lot more to explore at Bayou Segnette; besides the campground, there is a day use area that includes picnic areas, restrooms, playground equipment, and A Wave Pool!!!  The park is also a very popular destination for all sorts of water sports; there is a boat ramp in the park, and you can fish both fresh water and gulf waters through this park entrance.
Bayou Segnette is located just 30 minutes from New Orleans, so it’s perfect for basecamping out of to see the sites.

The park is building a new entrance, which is currently nearing completion, but it does not interfere with current access.  Below is the new check-in station.  (I hope they didn’t pay their engineer/architect ahead of time, because the ramp designed and built does not accommodate large RVs (could have told them that with one look) 😉 – we were told that they will be putting in a third lane, on ground level, just for RVs…  🙂

DSC_0289_028So, the verdict?  Would we stay here again?
Absolutely!  We loved the easy access to New Orleans, and the spacious spots, with lots of room to roam, made it family friendly.  The facilities are clean, which is huge to us since we actually use them, and while it is a rural setting, the location is near to groceries and fuel.

Bayou Segnette is convenient if you would also like to go in and see the sites.  You can check out a map of the park here, or you can visit their website here, which includes pictures of their wave pool and splash zone (open seasonally).  If you are trying to decide how long to stay in NOLA for, I would suggest checking out the exceptional Louisiana Travel website, which has destination and activity ideas throughout the state, and is incredibly user friendly!
We can’t wait to get back to Louisiana with it’s hospitality and southern charm.   🙂

Lilla Rose

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  1. Oh wow…free laundry?! That alone would make it a nice stop :). Gonna add this one to our list, thanks for sharing!

    We wised up on the different colored towels for each child, too. Totally solved the “not me!” problem with towels being left crumpled on the floor instead of being hung up to dry ;). Hehe…


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