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This past weekend, we stopped in Georgia to visit a guy that Vaughn had met while we volunteered in Moore, Oklahoma.  While we ended up not staying as long in Americus as we had planned (they were moving their son), we did manage to get in an afternoon at the Andersonville National Historic Site, which was a Civil War POW Camp.
We first visited Andersonville last year, but we were kicked out before we could tour the whole park.  😉
This year was very anti-climatic.

We toured the museum,


and checked out what we had missed last year.
DSC_0020_020 And this year we had time to wander through the cemetery.DSC_0023_023 Andersonville National Cemetery started out as a graveyard for the nearly 13,000 Union soldiers who perished at the poorly managed Andersonville POW camp.  DSC_0037_037Thanks to a smuggled burial chart, by a former prisoner, of the 12,920 Civil War soldiers buried here,


only about 450 were unable to be identified (pretty incredible when up to 100 men died per day, and their bodies were just laid shoulder to shoulder in shallow graves).
DSC_0044_044 There are various memorials scattered over the well cared for grounds.DSC_0048_048The cemetery is still in use for the military yet.DSC_0052_052 The cemetery is such a peaceful place to explore, and to reflect how much it cost, this freedom that we have.


I fear that we are not cognizant of how much of the freedoms that or forefathers fought and died for, have already been, and are currently being, stolen.DSC_0058_058 The drive between the POW camp site and the cemetery, is a short, but pretty one…DSC_0061_061 and there is a picnic area between the two.  If you like to slow down and enjoy nature, as well as exploring historic locations, then you could spend an entire day at Andersonville.DSC_0062_062We spent some time driving through around the site of the camp also.
And, Yay!  This year, I got my bumper sticker!  😉  it’s the little things in life, you know…

Lilla Rose

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