Poche’s Fish N’ Camp Campground, (near Lafayette), LA…

After we finished visiting Monroe, LA, we trekked south to a little town just east of Lafayette, called Breaux Bridge.  Here we stayed, for 4 nights, at…


Poche’s is an 85 acre, back to nature, peaceful campground that has 88 full hookup campsites, available in both 30 amp and 50 amp.
The office has a lot of character!  And the inside is even better!  It’s decorated to the hilt with southern-flavor, and they also have a mini-convenience store in there with the most common things campers might need, like laundry soap and canned pork and beans…


We got to pick the site that we wanted, and, because the park had several empty sites next to us, we were able to use one of them to park our vehicles in.  The sites easily fit 40+’  fivers and DPs, with room in front for a car/truck to pull in next to the road.  The campground is well maintained, with attention obviously being taken to keep it up, and the sites all have nice grass (the brown in our site is grass, but it’s ‘winter’ here, so it’s dormant).


Poche’s is designed around 5, 5 to 10 acre fishing ponds.  You can go in and fish the ponds for $10/day, or fishing rights are included if you have rented a campsite or cabin.  We didn’t fish much, but Molly did catch a catfish (which we released back into the pond)…  🙂


In addition to their 88 RV sites, the park has 7 furnished cabins…


We were really impressed by the cleanliness of the park, and the quality of the RV sites.  Each site was very level, and nearly all had nice concrete pads to park on (the other few were level packed gravel).  The park was very peaceful, with no road noise, and nights full of country-quiet.


The park has a very nice activity center, with wi-fi and a wrap around deck for lounging, or fishing off of…DSC_0249_048

Inside are tables and chairs, clean restrooms, and a park kitchen for special activities…


Lots of room to get together with the other folks in the park, or to hang out and play games or surf the net…


The campground also has a pool (closed for the winter right now – it was a little chilly for swimming, even for us! LOL!), and a laundry.


The laundry room has 4 washers, 4 dryers, and a folding table.  The machines are $1 a load…


We spent one day, all day, at the park, just relaxing, and catching up from our too-quick visits to Shreveport and Monroe – it was nice to be in this park as I didn’t have to worry about traffic, there was lots of room for the kids to run and play ball, and the kids had fun fishing.
While there, we had a boil for Beth’s birthday, just a night late.  😉


It was dark out, and a little chilly, so we laid a tablecloth on the livingroom floor of the 5er, placed aluminum foil on top of it (because we didn’t want to run out for a newspaper), and boiled corn on the cob, shrimp, sausage, and potatoes in seasonings.  Then we (meaning Vaughn) drained off all the cooking water, and poured the food out, in a long line, on the aluminum foil laid on the floor…

And then everyone sat around, on the floor, and ate with their fingers.  Thomas offered to do the dishes that night   😉


(everyone always offers to do the dishes when we have a boil – we just roll up the aluminum foil/newspapers, and toss. Dishes done.)  🙂
The boys loved the room to play football.  I think they liked the challenge of keeping it out of the drink since they were playing in between two of the fishing ponds. LOL!   Boats of any kind are not allowed on the ponds, but I’m afraid we broke that rule once – the ball went in the pond (this happened multiple times, but they had been able to fish it out the others), and the kids couldn’t get it out, so they drug out one of the kayaks, put it in the water, and Daniel paddled out and retrieved the ball from the middle of the lake…


The owners of Poche’s Fish n’ Camp also have a meat market and a Cajun restaurant in Breaux Bridge.


Their specialty meats are very popular, and we saw that their brand was served in several restaurants besides the one in Beaux Bridge.
One night while staying at the Fish n’ Camp, Vaughn and I went out to dinner to give Poche’s a try…


Poche’s restaurant was a fun experience.  One of those small-town places with a bit of eccentricity (a very good thing!).  We got a flyer from the campground that gave us the menu for lunches, but we went for dinner.  Dinner is a smaller affair, with a limited menu, which changes nightly!  The night we went, they offered fried shrimp, fried catfish, crawfish etouffee, and shrimp and sausage gumbo.period. 🙂  Dinners ran from $10 to $14., and were advertised on a whiteboard on the wall.  I ordered the ‘all meat’ plate, which was the first 3 meats (just no gumbo), and served with potato salad, coleslaw, and a roll…


Vaughn got a big plate of crawfish etouffee.  I must say, the fried shrimp was the best I’ve ever had.  <3  We really liked the food, and the restaurant has a fun, laid back atmosphere.  Drinks aren’t on the board, and when our waitress said, “help yourself to drinks”, we figured that they were included in the dinner price.  They weren’t, but $1.75 is a pretty good deal for a soda or (very 🙂 ) sweet tea with free refills! LOL!
Poche’s meat market and restaurant is located about 2 miles from the campground, and is very easy to find!  Poche’s is an experience that you won’t want to miss if you are in the area!

So, the overall?  We loved our 4 night stay here!  My fav was the country atmosphere with its quiet and peacefulness, Vaughn and the littles loved the fishing, and the boys took advantage of the room to run!  And, while we were there, the other RVers were so friendly and cheery – they loved seeing the kids!  It was an all-around great stay!


Located only a couple of miles away from a shopping mall, and a short interstate drive to Lafayette, Poche’s Fish n’ Camp is the perfect place to base camp out of for exploring Lafayette, New Iberia, and Avery Island!   🙂

Lilla Rose

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