A BOOK! …well, PART of its mine anyways ;)

One of the things that I enjoy about traveling, is the chance to (hopefully) encourage and inspire people to follow their dreams – I mean really, if we can take our tribe on the road, and live in 400 sq. ft. for over 4 years, with a little determination, surely you can make WHATEVER crazy dreams you have a reality too!

Along those lines, Fulltime Families has put together a book of inspiring short stories:

Who: 12 ‘Chicks’ – traveling, blogging mommas who love to share our stories and passion for travel.

What: Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks, a 125 page book with inspiring stories from the Chicks.

When: Postcards is on pre-sale thru midnight, Dec. 23rd (to be released on Dec. 24th) for $2.99, or will be available for $7.99 for immediate download after the 23rd.  Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks is available for iBooks and eReader.

Where:  You can order through the links embedded in the book picture below!  There is even a Chicks Without Bricks website, where you can meet each of the Chicks, and watch for more info, updates, and the upcoming release of the book in hardcopy.

Why:  Why not?  You have one shot to make a difference, to live your dreams, to show your kids the world (or for us, the USA 😉 ).   We hope you’ll be inspired.

So, check it out.  If you enjoy reading about traveling families, want to be inspired to pursue those crazy dreams of yours that happen to be outside of the societal norms, or want to see what the mobile lifestyle looks like for a dozen traveling families, you’ll enjoy our little compilation of short stories!

Review: “These entertaining traveling stories will inspire and gently challenge you to live life in the moment, reconsider the value of family, and learn by direct experience. Three cheers for living small, slow, and mobile!” Wendy Priesnitz, Editor of Life Learning Magazine.

Lilla Rose

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