Sometimes it’s the little things…

…like toilet paper holders. LOL!
I guess we are not like a lot of people, and (brace yourself, this is probably a shocker ūüėČ ), but our home does not look like it could be featured in a magazine (told you to prep yourself…). hehehe!¬† It is lived in.¬† We leave stuff lying around (even tho everything is supposed to have a home), we have things stored on our counters, and the littles usually always have toys out and about.
But, in truth, I WOULD love to have¬†a home where everyone put everything in it’s spot when they were done with it.¬† They don’t.¬† But I am trying to find ways to¬†make it easier to keep our ‘house’ neat.

I love to do little mods!  (well, I love to have Vaughn or the boys do them for me!)
Vaughn did a little 3 minute job for me a couple of days ago that I am really liking…
We keep a few things on the counter in the bathroom – this is just where they have become home at…ftf 010

Left to themselves, they would fall over and roll off when we would move, and sticking them in the sink gets tiring to remember, so we started storing them in an unused magazine rack.¬† I do like for my house to look nice, and didn’t care a bit for that, so the other day Beth and I¬†bought¬†up a toilet paper holder to store them in.¬† You read that right – a toilet paper holder.¬†¬† ūüôāftf 011It was just the right size for what I wanted, and it took Vaughn only a couple of minutes to install; it took longer to get out, and put away tools, than to use them! ūüėČ )…ftf 012¬†¬†Now we can leave¬†stuff out on the counter, but it looks much nicer!¬† You could even use¬†this idea to keep your handsoap/anti-bacterial/lotion corralled next to the sink.¬†ftf 014I am going to get another¬†one of these tp holders for a towel rack (I don’t care for the round ones, and yes, I have had a round one¬†in here for 4 years¬†ūüôĀ¬† ), and have¬†one of my guys install it¬†above the sink on the side wall.¬† A regular towel bar is way too big in our little RV bathroom, and I think these are very pretty anyway.¬†ftf 013
It worked out¬†so great that I plan on getting one for in the kitchen once we buy a Berkey Water Filter system.¬†¬†I’m going to use a regular, 18 inch bath towel bar, installed below the generator board, to corral cups for the kids – each of the littles will have a cup that will be marked with their name, and¬†it will be stored, upside down, behind the bar, to keep it in place.¬† I plan on sewing a pretty drip catcher, and the kids can just help themselves to their own drinks, placing the cups back when they are done.
Simple little project, but one of those little¬†things that makes calling an RV ‘home’ a little easier for our tribe.¬†¬† ūüôā

Lilla Rose

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  1. Great idea! I bought a paper towel holder for the bathroom for my husband to mount for a hand towel but love these ideas even better! Thanks for the help!

  2. You guy’s should have your own reality show! So many cool adventures to share:) The RV looks great and the creativity is amazing:) Believe it or not, as challenging as it must be from time to time, many people envy your ability to be mobile and see the world. What a great way to get the full experience of life. Simply awesome, blessings to you all.

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