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Since we started traveling 4 years ago, we have lost a lot of items to nature and the elements.  We’ve had to replace several cameras because we got sand in them, we’ve ruined books at the lake and beach, and we’ve even had clothing we had to throw away after playing in the ocean and having sand embedded in them.  We’ve also had to replace things just because they were worn out with the extra burden of being used in tight quarters (if it’s on the floor with 12 people in 400 sq. ft., it WILL get stepped on).

When I saw an ad for the Waterproof Bible, I was really intrigued!  Bardin Marsee Publishing sent me a KJV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs to try out, and I must admit that I am totally smitten with it (except for the fact that it isn’t a complete version)!
We have had it for just over a month as we got it right before we left for OK, and the kids and I have had the most fun giving it a workout!5.24 006Made from 100% plastic, this isn’t your typical Bible!  The pages are synthetic paper: they are not shiny, they can be wiped off, and they are very durable (they don’t rip – the perfect kids Bible!).
Beth and the littles took it down to the lake to see just HOW waterproof it is…5

After it’s dip, they brought it back to the camper, pressed the extra water out, set it on its spine, and let it air dry.  Once it was completely dry, the pages were very slightly stuck together – you know, like when you pick up a new volume that no-one has ever looked at before, and the pages crack on the edges when you bend them.  I love that! LOL!  (yes, I’m a book nut!) 😉   The Bible was/is as good as new, and you’d never guess it had been swimming.
I’m pretty enthusiastic about it because it is perfect for those of us that like to get out and explore/do!  Have quiet time in your tree stand, relax in the tub (or sitting next to the tub while the littles are in it splashing), toss it in the cargo compartment in your kayak, take it to the ski lodge, pool, and beach (perfect for our annual 2 weeks on Padre Island!).  Your kids can accidentally forget it out on the picnic table in the rain, and you can tuck it in your bug-out bag…  It’s incredibly durable – we’ve let Caleb have it to check out, and you can’t tell he was ‘reading’ it, whereas my regular Bible would have been missing pages! 😉

The Waterproof Bible comes in several different color schemes (including camo! 😀 ), and is available in KJV, NIV, ESV, NKJV, and NLT.  You can get the complete Bible, or just the NT with Psalms and Proverbs.  They even have accessories like all weather journals and waterproof Bible covers.
I thought a ‘Waterproof Bible’ would be cool, but I’ve surprised myself by just how much I like it!!!  😀  Full versions are on my ‘to get’ list for all of us! (it may take awhile – maybe for birthdays?.?.)…until then, this is our ‘take anywhere’ copy!  😀
Disclaimer:  I received a sample copy to review, free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.  No other compensation was received.

Lilla Rose

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  1. The only question I have is “Can you use a highlighter in it?” and will the ink stay put?

    • Alice,
      Yes! you can use both a highlighter and a pen in the book, and the ink will stay in place (they do warn about ‘petroleum products’ like sunscreen affecting the print, but not the highlighter usage). 😀

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