Rapid City’s Watiki Water Park…

When we first pulled into Rapid City, the kids asked if we could stay a day and go to Watiki water park like we had done the first year that we traveled.   We initially said no since we planned on driving to Helena the next day, but after waking up to snow, and Beth looking at the website and finding that we were in the off-season and that tickets were only $8,  we decided that maybe we could take a swim after all…watiki 018So, after hanging out in the RV in the Cabela’s parking lot all day, with the furnace running non-stop, we warmed up the van for 15 minutes, drove 1/2 a mile away, and hit the lazy river… watiki 030Watiki is (obviously) indoors, and the keep it 86 degrees year-round.  watiki 045We suited up, and that was the last I saw my kids! LOL!watiki 020 When the kids weren’t on the lazy river…watiki 062They were rocketing down their 2 favorite slides…watiki 086

I guess that they kids are in fine physical condition – they climbed those 3 stories worth of steps, non-stop, for 5 hours.
Caleb wasn’t a very happy camper, so one of us was always sitting out with him.  The big kids helped out with watching the other littles…watiki 084But for the most part, if we wanted to see the bigs, we had to wait for them to shoot out of the bottom of the slides.  No-one got hurt, watiki 087

and they slept really well that night! LOL!watiki 085Everyone had a blast.
Except for Caleb… watiki 110

you know how he is with water! ROFL!

Watiki was a great ‘last hurrah’ during our first year out traveling, it was a great ‘last hurrah’ for this year too.watiki 119

If you find yourself in Rapid City, be sure to try out the Watiki Water Park – and tell them the TicknorTribe sent you.  Ok, don’t really tell them we sent you – they won’t have a clue what you are talking about 😉   Anway, it’s a fab place to spend a few hours (or all day on the weekends!).watiki 118As for us, we are back in Helena, staying in our RV of course, cuz it’s our home, but house-sitting for friends for 2 weeks.   While we love being home to see our bigs and friends, catch up on chores like swapping out clothes in storage, and get some other errands done (like a passport for Caleb), now that we’ve been back for 10 whole days, we are ready to hit the road again! LOL!
We just reserved our first campsite of the fall – and are already planning a 3000 mile road trip in September (but then coming back for hunting season).    We’re planning a summer trip to Glacier, scheduling to run 2 fireworks stands, and  have lots of plans for getting together with friends this summer.  We are counting on the summer going by quickly! LOL!   😀
In the meantime, we are looking forward to becoming camp hosts this summer on one of Montana’s most popular lakes.   🙂

Lilla Rose

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