Tallulah Gorge, GA…

A few days ago, some fulltime friends of ours introduced us to Tallulah Gorge in northeastern Georgia.  Tallulah Gorge is a river ravine that runs 2 miles long and has cliffs of up to 1000 feet tall…Elis SC 026

This Georgia State Park has different levels of access to the park.Elis SC 029  The guys each got one of the 100 permits (available daily), in order to explore the bottom of the gorge.  To get down there, they had to descend over 400 steps…Thomas' 140then cross over the suspension bridge…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAElis SC 036Tallulah Gorge is full of a series of waterfalls…Elis SC 045downriver, more falls…Elis SC 059

While traveling just one mile through the gorge, the water level drops nearly 500 feet!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The boys found rocks they had to climbOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – no matter what it took to get there…




Just their speed  🙂      IMG_0089 Getting pretty steep…IMG_0077

Finding a way to get where they want to go…  There were 3 ways to get around this huge rock – over the top, ‘the girly trail’ around, or this…Thomas' 149Crossing the river…


Crossing the river again…Elis SC 068(part of) My Tribe…Elis SC 070Gorgeous views…Thomas' 167On both sides of the gorge…Elis SC 091The guys had a fabulous time exploring thanks to good friends that share their fun finds with our tribe.  <3Elis SC 089And just for the record, those 2 ‘ole men can still keep up with all those boys…And I’ve got the video to prove it – but that’s another post  😉

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