Canaveral National Seashore…

After we left Orlando on Sunday, we didn’t go far!  We drove over to the Canaveral National Seashore, just east of Orlando.  While the weather wasn’t ideal for traveling, we had maxed out our 2 weeks at Orlando, and we needed to move on.  I really should have gone to the office and paid for another night, but I really forgot that I had that option – we have never done that before.

We drove the rv out to Merritt Island, and first stopped at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  The (middle and little) kids and I ran in to check it out while the bigs made some lunch.  I didn’t take my camera in, and wished that I would have as we didn’t end up getting back in there.  Merritt Island NWR has a very nice visitor’s center; they also have boardwalks for viewing the wildlife, but we never did get out on them but went to the seashore instead.

After lunch,  we drove out onto the southern end of Canaveral NS, where the ranger at the entrance gate was able to give the kids Jr. Ranger books.  Not all of the island is accessible by vehicle, but there are several miles of road with parking lot after parking lot lining it.   The seashore is not big rig friendly (which is why we left the rv at the M.I. NWR); we parked the van in one of the parking lots, and took the boardwalk over the dunes…weaver 031

to the beach!  We did not dress for swimming since it was pretty chilly, weaver 035but we did have fun playing in the sand! weaver 055

The ocean was a little rough due to the storm that was coming,weaver 058 but we played until the last minute. weaver 103

For some of us, it was a little too long  😉 weaver 105~Caleb is so funny when he falls – if someone sees him, he will just stay like that until they come pick him up and dust him off; if no-one is around to see, he hops up and goes on his merry way.  We usually pretend not to see him, but I am ‘that mom’ that needed this pic  😉

Then we all hopped in the van and made a mad dash, through high winds and heavy rains, for the NWR – where we had left the 5er (with windows open. oops!).  The storm was so bad when we got back to the parking lot that Vaughn, Eli, and Jake were the only ones that got out of the van to close up the rv.  They had to use several towels to mop up the mess on the kitchen table and counter (unfortunately, none of the school books that had been left on the table were ruined in the flood 😉 ).

The storm abated some, and we drove out to a Cracker Barrel about 20 miles south.  When we got there, the parking lot was a flooded mess, so we found a nearby Walmart.  Guess it was windy all over – this was in the parking lot…weaver 106

We had lots of company (other rvs) that night, including a foreign, single, traveling lady in a car that parked right up next to us because it looked like the safest place in the parking lot.  🙂  …we meet all sorts of people, in all kinds of situations, when traveling…
As soon as we pulled in and got parked, the sun came out and the wind was gone, and we had a lovely night hanging out together, but we went to bed really early trying to catch up a bit from all of our late nights in Orlando.  🙂

Lilla Rose

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