Canaveral Seashore – day 2 ;) – in pics…

On Monday, we went back to Canaveral National Seashore, but this time to the north entrance.  We took the 5er, and found a place to park it in one of the first parking lots (don’t try this when it’s busy!); we then hit the boardwalk…canaveral 003for the beach, where finding our bare feet is the first thing that we do… canaveral 009There is a lot of sand, of course, but all along the beach are big areas covered with seashell pieces.  The remnants are ground down, and smoothed out, and polished… canaveral 017The guys hit the ‘field’ first thing… canaveral 022And while everyone else was running through the waves (it wasn’t warm enough to swim), Caleb was running away from them… canaveral 036There were lots of Seagulls and Royal Terns… canaveral 041The seashells here differ a lot from the ones that we are used to finding at Padre Island – here they have more color… canaveral 055We found this odd clump of fused seashells… canaveral 056But the kids’ favorite part about the seashells is that they are so much nicer for a burial  😉 … canaveral 070Caleb thought it was a riot that he could only see Eli’s head, but when Eli pulled his arms up out of the shells, while growling, to grab Caleb, Caleb was a little freaked! LOL! canaveral 076They all took turns getting buried, and burying each other… canaveral 088And when they were all done, we had only to brush off little seashell pieces instead of shaking sand out of everything (mommy LIKE!)… canaveral 093Some of the tribe were Lounge Lizards… (check out the crossed feet, just like sissy!) canaveral 105Then, after a couple of hours, we hopped in the van and took a drive down the rest of the access.  There is a loop road that goes by a museum, and takes you through the trees… canaveral 107We drove down to the end of the road; you can access all of the island, but the rest is by foot or boat only… canaveral 110There are beautiful and unique plants here… canaveral 114 After our drive, we stopped by the visitor’s center…canaveral 163 where we checked out their touch table…canaveral 158  watched a film about the park, and handed in our Jr. Ranger books.canaveral 159

Then we all hit the beach one last time before getting in the truck and van and heading down the road once again.

We are already a long ways away from Florida, slowly working our way back to Montana, but we all feel like Caleb – TAKE US BACK TO THE BEACH!!!canaveral 156

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  1. We’ve been reading about your awesome family for over a year now, Dana. We never thought we’d be able to read a post and put a name to all the faces. We treasure the time we spent with you guys these past few weeks and look forward to seeing you again.
    Love you guys!

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