"You know, I was thinking"…means an RV Remodel around here…

My husband knows exactly what always follows those words… An RV remodel idea.

Yep, even in an RV, there are remodels.  At least for us.

Since hubby is a contractor specializing in remodels and concrete, when I have a project that I think would make our ‘home’ more comfortable, I don’t have to go far to see if it is feasible.  And Vaughn is great about trying to make my idea reality!

On Saturday, after he walked in the door from a day of building for other people, I hit him with the ‘you know, I was thinking…’.  I only wanted to tell him my idea, for future planning, so I was pleasantly surprised when, on Sunday after church, he offered to do it right then.

This is what our closet looked like yesterday afternoon…

AR 077

I’ve always hated those mirrored doors.  Occassionally, Beth will sit on our bed and do her hair, but for the most part, they are heavy, always dirty, and an all-around pain.   I didn’t want to take them off earlier because we have bins across the top shelf for things like the littles’ socks – the doors keep those bins on the shelves when we are moving! If one of those doors gets left open when we move the trailer, the bins end up spilled all over the floor.

The first thing that Vaughn did was to take those annoying mirrors out for me.   The boys hauled them right over to the dumpster…AR 081

This was mostly a Vaughn & Thomas project.  Eli and Jake had been building all week, plus Eli was working on a wholesale order of survival bracelets.   There really isn’t room for more than 2 people working up in the 5er’s master anyway.AR 084  They took out the shelf and hanging rod…closet bunks 001

Then reused the door stoppers for a support corner….  closet bunks 003

Caleb is already such a big help!  LOL!

Then they took apart the little girls’ bunk beds that were in the ‘garage’.  The re-used some of the already stained pieces from the bunkbeds, cut down, and started to put together my new ‘idea’…closet bunks 006

Since the new ‘idea’ isn’t for Caleb, he wasn’t much interested.  He lost interest in the project, went ‘downstairs’, climbed up on the couch next to Eli, and fell asleep!!!closet bunks 008I got busy fixing dinner, putting out fires (there ARE 12 of us in 400 sq. ft. – of course they fight sometimes!), and forgot to take more pics.  Next time I went ‘upstairs’ (we have 3 steps!hehehe!), the guys were pretty much done…closet bunks 010

with new bunk beds for Peanut and Molly!!!  They were able to cut down pieces from the closet and bunks, and didn’t need any new materials at all – I simply trimmed the foam mattresses from Emma and Savanna’s old bunks for these new ones.

Now that Molly is a little older, she and Emma are going to change spots – Molly will have the cute little bottom bunk, and Emma will sleep up in the loft with Beth.  Beth will have a little more peace at night, and Emma will have a little more room – she sleeps the opposite way than Beth, and has little cubbies for her reading stuff so she can now read in bed (because we ALL love to read in bed!).

Peanut will no longer drive Emma crazy with all her wiggling, jabber, and dreaming!  Savanna is wired much like Jake was when he was younger – 100 miles/minute!  She is a very good little girl, with a soft heart that is so repentant, but she gets herself into mischief before she even knows it.   She needed her own space, but didn’t like having her own bunk in the back (hence sleeping with Emma).  closet bunks 015  She got to decorate her space a little…closet bunks 016

As did Molly…closet bunks 019

And they both slept like babies last night!  😉

closet bunks 020

Savanna won’t last long in the bunks (I had Vaughn leave room at one end for the vacuum and some shelves, so they are not the entire length of the closet) – she fits it now, but when she grows much taller, it will be time to figure out another sleeping arrangement for her (and I’ll be saying, “you know, I was thinking…” 😉 ).  But for now, this is perfect.  The bunks aren’t quite done – there are a few fastener holes that need to be puttied, the girls will each have a blackout curtain for their bunk, and I will find or make them some pocket cubbies for their books and flashlights.

Because we took the little girls’ crib size bunks out of the ‘garage’, we re-arranged the back room – it’s not quite finished either, but I am so pleased with the amount of floor space it opened up.  I need to get a curtain to block off the ‘closet’ that is now back there, to clean up the looks of the room (we are living, not camping in here!), but otherwise, it’s done!  I will post pics soon, and will try to finish the ‘Our Home’ tour now.

Even though it’s an RV, we do ‘live’ in here – and I enjoy making it ‘home’ just like I did in the sticks n’ bricks.  It takes a little bit of creativity to fit us all in, but we make it work!

Lilla Rose

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  1. Dana what a great idea and use of the space. I hope that one day we can all meet up…I have some ideas for our rig (we have no slides) so moving around can be a challenge. We tried to do our own remodel but ran into problems when the vacuum and electrical outlets were where we wanted to put something so we improvised but not totally happy with it. Hubby is great at making things and building things but we are not the creative type. Love seeing the kids growing up!

  2. Dana Butterfield says

    LOL, that’s also one of Kent’s “dread to hear” phrases – along with “I wonder….” and “What if….” Isn’t it great to have handy husbands?! And love the picture of the newest helper 🙂

  3. The new bunks turned out great!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your completed “our rig” tour. You have so many good ideas for making a small space into livable areas for a big family.

    Could you email me please? I would like to ask you about the insurance adjuster school that your husband attended.

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