Texas State Aquarium, yep, MORE pics ;)

We had two favorite places at the aquarium.  Our favorite ‘show’ was the dolphins…  The aquarium has 2 dolphins.  They are kept in a large tank with an underwater viewing area…

Topside, Peanut got in trouble for leaning past the rails…

For the show, the majority of the tribe sat in the ‘splash’ section.   Caleb, Beth, and I kept good and dry way up on top.

The show was great!  We really enjoyed it; it made us want to run back up to San Antonio and go to Sea World!

A quick look online at the prices cured us of that real fast! LOL!

The outdoor exhibits face out to the gulf, and barges were going by all the time…

We also liked the play area up on the third floor, off of the library.  The room overlooks the dolphin tank, and had all sorts of fun activities for littles.

But our very favorite place at the aquarium was the sting ray tank… 

It was full of sting rays that you could touch…

There were dozens of smaller rays, and one large one named Bertha…

The rays were so funny – they did not avoid people, but woud swim right along the side as if they wanted us to pet them!

We had such a fun time with the rays – the little girls could even pet them.

And there was at least one (they are rather hard to tell apart!) that would swim along the side, on his side, splashing the water by hitting his ‘arm’ on the side of the tank.

During the ray talk, you can purchase a small tray of fish (5) for $3 and feed the rays.

The little girls got such a kick out of the way the rays would suck the fish from between their fingers.

We ALL enjoyed the ray tank!

Another favorite was this inside tank that also had rays in it. Because this tank was see-through, you could view the underside of the ray… they are really cute!

Caleb walked all over the aquarium – he loved the fish swimming around and all the lit-up aquariums.

The kids liked the sea horse tank also – we never realized that each sea horse was so unique!

We had a lovely visit to the aquarium, with Savanna and Molly each asking if we could go there again tomorrow – before we had even reached the van.

We topped off our visit with a drive down the beach during sunset, and our trip home included a ride on the ferry.  (we have this thing for ferrys! 😉 )

We are rather partial to this area.  😀

Lilla Rose

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