Quality time – bird hunting in Colorado

We were able to leave a month earlier this year, than we did last year, but we still didn’t miss the cold!  We spent a week at my parent’s ranch in MT, then we spent a few days in WY checking the place out, then last Friday we stopped by Vaughn’s Uncle and Aunt’s house in Colorado, and buttoned down the hatches while a cold front moved through…

One nice thing about cold weather moving in?  It generally means that hunting season is upon us…

The boys got some deer, coyote, and ducks at my dads, and we figured that that was the end of our hunting for the season; we were thankful for the opportunities that we had even if we would love to do more of it…

But, Uncle Stan had other plans…

Uncle Stan REALLY enjoys hunting.  And when he heard that we were going to stick around a couple of extra days to get new tires put on the truck (we had to order them), he worked up a fun trip for the biggest boys…

On Tuesday, I was in Cheyenne and Laramie doing a few audit jobs, Vaughn was in Loveland getting $1500 worth of new tires on the truck, and Uncle Stan drug 😉 Eli and Jake out to two of his favorite hunting spots.

First he took them to a great spot on the Platte River, and then he took them to one of the snazzy blinds on a private hunting reserve that he bought into years ago.  It’s a pretty special privilege to be taken hunting with Uncle Stan!!!The boys had a blast. literally.

The 3 guys harvested 14 ducks during the course of the day; they left in the dark of the morning, and they didn’t get home until dark that night!The boys even got to borrow some awfully nice Browning over and under shotguns.  We aren’t big trap shooters, so we don’t carry shotguns with us on the road.   *Thank You Stan and Shane!!!*

The guys had a great time, and there was talk of adding an additional day to their out of state waterfowl licenses, but all things must come to an end sometime.   And see that white stuff?  This mom isn’t real fond of it anymore…And RVs don’t insulate against it so well…  So, one day of really awesome, super fun hunting had to be enough.

We had such a marvelous time visiting our Colorado family!  But, it’s getting cold there, and they would probably like to be able to access their garage again (when we are parked in their driveway, they can’t get in and out of their garage, but covenants say we have to park ‘on’ their property…), and we all had to admit that it was time to head toward warmer climates.

On Wednesday morning (late morning…actually, if I remember, it was after lunch 😉  ), we put in the slides and headed for Greeley.  Down in Greeley is a great little gas station with a dump station, propane, and diesel.  It’s our one stop shop every year after we are parked at Stan’s.  We filled our propane tanks, dumped our waste tanks (we had filled up water at Stans), and made sure both vehicles were topped off with fuel.  Then we hit the road!

Vaughn headed south, while the kids and I (along with our faithful chauffeur Eli) detoured to the IKEA in Denver.  Did I mention that we stripped the RV living room of furniture before we left home???  Yep, we are sitting on folding lawn chairs in our big empty slide.  We left our furniture (recliner and hide a bed) for Greg since we wanted a new couch.  It was leave it for Greg, who just got another apartment (his first was furnished), and give him some furniture, or have to throw it away on the road (which presents it’s own set of problems…).  I wanted to stop at IKEA because they had a couch that would fit our slide perfectly.  So glad that I hadn’t bought it online – it was a piece of junk (even the leather one!)! LOL!  And now I know for sure that I want to order the custom built RV L-shaped couch…So, in the few weeks it takes to have it built and shipped, we are sitting on lawn chairs (and kind-of liking the extra room, actually!). LOL!

Anyway, after our stop at IKEA, where the only thing that I bought was a new mirror for the bathroom (that I don’t even particularly like), we caught up to Vaughn at a little town called La Junta, CO.  Vaughn couldn’t believe that I made it all the way through IKEA and didn’t even find a single thing that I WANTED!!!  I felt like I’d arrived! 🙂  All I saw walking through there were things to dust and take care of, and I had no desire to trade any of my time(=life)-earned money for any of it.  No thanks.  Yes, I did buy the mirror, but it wasn’t a pleasure purchase, it just happens to fit the spot!  😀

We spent our first night ‘back on the road’, in southern Colorado.  Even though we left our hometown just 2 weeks ago, it seems like forever. in a good way.

Lilla Rose

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  1. Good job hunting guys. Our son just posted a video on FB of his whitetail that he got with his bow and arrow. If you get near Albuquerque I should get you guys together. He and his wife live to hunt. Weather is perfect down here in AZ. Really perfect!!!

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