Frugal Fulltiming, or, Camping On The Cheap! …powdered drinks…

I am constantly surprised at the details about our family that people are interested in.  To us, there is nothing exceptional or special about the things that we do or the ways that we do them.  It’s just us.  One thing that we are pretty fabulous at, though, is camping on the cheap!

When our friends were here from Arizona, they thought that the way we did drinks around here was interesting.  I found that so funny!  It never occurred to me that others would be interested in how we do refreshments for a crowd while living in an RV.  LOL!   Anyway, I thought that maybe there are other travelers out there that might be interested in how we keep assorted refreshments on hand…

Because of our limited space and GVW in the RV, we don’t have room to store cases of Gatorade and soda (I don’t like soda anyway) and bottled water.   We usually use camelbacks, and each member of our family has one in the fridge and it is their responsibility to keep theirs filled – we found that this the best way for everyone to have cold water available.  We keep our Berkey water filter full of filtered water (post on why we have a Berkey, here), and the kids refill their bottles from that.

We have found it very expensive to keep buying cases of Gatorade or other type drinks, but we prefer them when we are traveling and enjoy the convenience of them when we have company.   To make having drinks on hand more streamlined, we have found it very economical to make our own flavored drinks!

We keep various containers of powdered drink mixes on hand, both in the RV and in the van, along with these cute little funnels ($1.97 in the Walmart camping supplies)…

The kids grab their water bottles, and company can use bottled water  (take a drink out of it to make room for the powdered flavor) and add the mix with a little help from the funnel. ( You HAVE to have the cute little funnel – it’s the part the kids love the most!)  They put the lid back on, shake it up, and have their flavor of choice.

Even the littles can do it by themselves. (and think they are big stuff!)When we are traveling to National Parks, and other day trips, we take our refillable water bottles filled from home.  When we have to refill them onsite, if the water is nasty tasting (or just because), the kids can add the powdered mix (stored, with a funnel inside, in the van) each time they refill their bottles.  They think it’s a treat, and there is no fear of them becoming dehydrated since they drink a lot more.  🙂

It’s much more inexpensive and lightweight than hauling around or storing cases of flavored drinks, and works great for a crowd (or tribe like mine 😉 !).

Plus, when you have company, the kids will think it’s a pretty cool way to do drinks (they don’t need to know I’m too cheap to buy the pre-made bottles!).
Oh, and when using throw aways, don’t forget the Sharpie markers so the kids can write their names on their bottles – saves on kids misplacing theirs and ‘having’ to make a new one!  😀

Lilla Rose

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  1. Actually, this is a great idea. I can see my grands thinking this is BIG stuff.

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