Wilson Lake, Kansas…

We had never been to Kansas before, let alone Wilson Lake, Kansas!  Had heard that it was flat, barren, nothingness.  But I LIKE flat, barren, nothingness…as long is it’s green  🙂  So, I was glad that we were driving through in the springtime!

Personally, I thought Kansas had some lovely areas!  And, driving through meant we got to put our Kansas state sticker on the ‘where we’ve been’ map on the back of the 5er 😉

The weather was supposed to be record breaking hot for a couple of days, and we really didn’t want to be driving through it.  Vaughn seldom uses his air conditioning when he is pulling the camper because it just tanks his fuel mileage.  While I could run the a/c (and maybe even prefer to be in it), the kids would love to have some water time in the hot weather.  We scrutinized the Kansas state pages in our atlases, and decided to give Wilson Lake a try.  Mostly because it is a COE park, and COE park hosts never care how many kids we pull in with.

We pulled in to an empty check-in booth; the park was open, but since it wasn’t the ‘busy season’, it was unmanned except for a host, and we got a w/e site for $8.  Really!  EIGHT dollars a night for water and electric.  (remembering that one for future reference!)
…and right by a super snazzy playground…

Savanna and Molly were over the moon.  (they are pretty easy to thrill 😉

The campground was very nice; quiet and well maintained.
And the littles were super excited for a day where we did absolutely nothing.  We had been driving and visiting and Jr. Rangering so much, that they were a bit burnt out.  We pulled in here on a Tuesday afternoon, and the kids spent the rest of the day exploring, playgrounding, and just doing nothing.
One thing that we loved about this park was the bathhouse with the showers.  9 showers on each side!  The boys didn’t have to wait in line for each other!  When they got back from the shower house after about 10 minutes, I figured they ran out of hot water and would go back later in the evening.  Nope, they were just all done!
On Wednesday, we just hung out in the park all day – it was a record 95, so we got wet to stay cool…

Lake camping is different than ocean camping.  We love ocean camping, and had been on the coast several times this trip, but we are most used to lake camping with it’s lack of sneaker waves.  It was nice to be back…   🙂

Still so thrilled to have our soldier with us…  our Happy Camper is extra happy to have his biggest bro home to spoil him…

We were so glad that we could park right by the playground – there weren’t any other campers in this area of the park, so we let the little kids run back and forth all they wanted…

And we had campfires.
And roasted Peeps.  (because we have brilliant friends who think of things like this and then we copy them because we figure that’s the next best thing to having been there when they masterminded it in the first place) …

Molly talked my ear off telling me about how she was going to roast her peeps and which colors she was going to pick.  She’s not an asker… she’s a teller… pointing finger and raised eyebrows and all.

The big kids were busy doing their own stuff.  Eli got the kids to help him make a short film for a contest; the top prize is a Mac laptop that he would like (to win!) to pursue more film making with…

Beth helped him film some of the takes that he wanted to complete at this location, and he took some pictures of Beth.  Beth wanted a picture to put on a website for a new project she is undertaking.  I love the picture that she chose…

I love it, but at the same time it makes me a wee bit sad.  My baby girl is all grown up.
Beautiful, isn’t she?  😉

The little girls practically lived in the water while we were here.  Savanna found this (dead) Monarch floating in the water while we were there, and had to save it to show me…

and we found lizards too…

It was nice to have a ‘down day’ where we just hung out and didn’t go anywhere or do anything.  The weather was just lovely for lounging!
Since we were on a schedule, we ended up pulling out Thursday even though we would have loved to stay longer.  At the same time, we were glad to be getting out of flat-land country the day before a big storm was to come through.
We really loved the chance to soak up some rays and put our feet up for a couple of days at Wilson Lake, but time was ticking down quickly, so we had to pull out Thursday around noon; we still had at least one more ‘must do’ on the road.

Lilla Rose

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  1. Cute family, happy travels!

  2. That really is a beautiful picture of Beth. I love those down days – just had way too many of them lately. Can hardly wait to see you guys again this summer.

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