Fort Scott National Historic Site, KS…

ok, so I was wrong when I wrote yesterday that Pea Ridge was our last National Park for the trip.  I hate being behind on this blog, because I forget what we did when – if it weren’t for pictures, I would have forgotten half our trip by now!
After visiting Pea Ridge NB, we drove that night to the town of Fort Scott in Kansas.  We spent the night in a quiet little Walmart; the only negative/odd thing was that there was one other RV in the lot, which we parked right next to – they had a flatbed trailer behind their RV with some sort of statues/figures/not-really-sure-what-kind-of-‘art’-they-were on them, and nearly every car that came into the lot would drive over to the side of the lot, right past our RVs, and do a very slow drive by. At first it was a little creepy as we couldn’t tell why all these cars would come over and drive by the 2 RVs very slowly – maybe they really didn’t want Rvs in their Wallyworld parking lot??? – but once we figured out why they were driving by so slowly, we didn’t blame them one bit.  We spent quite a bit of our own time contemplating just what was those works of art were, and what they were for….
The next morning, the kids ran in and got donuts (but, mom, Greg hasn’t had donuts for breakfast yet… not since he left for bootcamp…)  I don’t complain too much when we have donuts for breakfast – as long as the kids don’t forget my Bavarian creme one (or two)  😉
Then it was off to Fort Scott National Park.  We left the 5er and truck in the parking lot at Walmart, which was just a couple of blocks away, and spent the morning at the park.
The littler kids did the Jr. Ranger program, while Eli got Beth and Jake to help him with a project that he was working on.
Much of Fort Scott is still intact.  One of the buildings has been turned into a museum with displays on both levels, and a short film about the role of the fort in the area.
The littles enjoyed the program here for several reasons – Joel was young enough that he got to do the easy booklet, and he and Emma and Savanna got to check out haversacks full of little doodads to help them complete their booklets. 
The upper level of the museum had some neat displays.

The stables were still there, and still house horses when there are special events going on at the park.

The haversacks that the kids checked out were nearly too big for Peanut to haul around without dragging on the ground… she loved packing it around anyway.

One of the activities was to find the ‘horse’ in the stable and to use the comb in the haversack to groom his tail…

-the bigger boys, Daniel and Thomas, had a packet of documents that they checked out to help them with their upper level book.  They had to find out how many hands tall the ‘horse’ was.  Daniel was measuring his ‘hands tall’ by holding his hand vertical to measure  🙂  Thomas set him straight on how to measure how tall a horse is!

One of the items in the kids haversack was a cotton shirt that they were to take out when they got to the laundresses room.  There they were to pretend to wash it in the tub with the washboard and see what hard work it would have been to scrub hundreds of uniforms.  The kids thought that was fun, but, oh, those shirts were the bane of my existence for the day… they made it hard for the kids to get their stuff in and out of the haversacks and keep everything neat.  Emma even broke her Kansas flag trying to stuff her shirt in that haversack.  I tried to buy a new flag to replace the one Emma broke, but they wouldn’t take it.
Fun activity, but maybe they should just stock the shirts there or something…

We checked the cannons…

and, of course, the ammo…

                                                                            and while that was only halfway through the park, that was about the end of my pictures! LOL!  The kids’ favorite part of the fort was the jail, but it was such close quarters that I didn’t get any good pictures!
Fort Scott had such nice rangers, the buildings were neat and clean, and their Jr. Ranger program was an interesting one.  The kids love it when they get to check out extras, and they really liked that so much of this park was outside (which means they could run!).
Didn’t see much of the big kids while we were here (OK, really, I did know where they were; I could even see them, but they were doing their own thing.)  love that they have interests that they are pursuing, and that they work together to help each other achieve a common goal!
We finally wrapped up the Jr. Ranger program thingy to find Dad and the big kids waiting on us.  Apparently they were starving…
So we drove the little bit back to our parking lot site, ate quickly, and hit the road. 
Walmart, here we come.  Again.

Lilla Rose

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  1. I so understand forgetting the trip. When we are on the move (someday) if I didn’t take pictures I wouldn’t have a clue what we did by the next day. I sure have enjoyed visiting all of the parks with you guys. I’ve learned a whole lot.

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