Focus on the Family campus in Colorado Springs…

On Tuesday, it was cold and windy, and we were looking for something to do indoors. None of us were really in the mood for a museum, and we didn’t care to go shopping either. We decided to check out the Focus on the Family campus. We love their Radio Theatre cd productions for when we are traveling, and thought that maybe we would pick up a new one for the ride home.
We pulled into a very nice campus where we found the Welcome Center right away.

When we arrived, we were met by a friendly greeter, shown where we could watch a 15 minute introduction video that gives an overview of FotF ministries, and told where the kid’s area was.
We watched the video and then checked out the lobby. Imagine if everyone felt so responsible for their children, what kind of a world this could be…
In the lobby, there is an adorable little theatre with padded kid-sized benches, where Veggie Tales movies were playing. The littles loved to sit there and watch for a few minutes while we checked out the displays.

Then, it was off to the lower level where there is a huge (and free!) play area!
They had a plane from McGee and Me that the kids could climb in and through…
a play area for kids under 4′, a theatre where there were various movies playing all the time, a reading area, a puppet theatre, a play stage (where the kids could watch themselves performing on a monitor facing the stage), a play room just for kids up to 4 y.o., and the kids’ favorite…

A-Bend-A-Go Slide. This 76′ long tube slide drops 27′, and it takes about 4 seconds to get to the bottom. They give the kids (as far as I know, adults can go too) fabric sacks to put their legs in so that their shoes don’t slow them down in the slide. The kids loved it – Savanna was too short, but was content on theplay gym, but Emma through Thomas loved it! (the big kids ‘watched’. Chickens!)

In the stage/puppet area, there is a backdrop for photos. We aren’t big Adventures in Odyssey fans (in fact, I don’t care for them), but there were enough spots for the kids, so…

Savanna and Molly got to play in the toddler room for awhile we the big kids checked out the Narnia room.

There were some cute little props in there, and the room was painted in a colorful, camp theme.
the littles had fun in there, but since the whole place was fun, they didn’t have a hard time moving on when it was time.
We all went on to check out the Narnia room, which wasn’t very big, but still interesting if you like the Narnia cds (which we do!!!). In fact, if you are traveling, the Narnia Radio Theatre cds are great for the road – they cover all 7 books, and listening time is 23 hours. And they are Wonderful. (so wonderful that you might forget to notice the scenery so save them for Nevada! LOL!)
Also, downstairs is Whit’s End – a old-fashioned diner out of Adventures in Odyssey – and it smelled heavenly. They offer a full lunch menu for a couple of hours, and a limited snack menu for the rest of the day.
The whole place was clean, neat, well-kept, and FUN!!!
The little girls spent a few minutes ‘coloring’ on monitors,
and then it was time to head on upstairs to the bookstore.
I LOVE bookstores.
It is one of the few things that I miss in living in the RV. I love books. And I miss having books. At least more books than the few that I dare haul in the RV.
We spent quite a bit of time in the bookstore. We never did pick up a new radio theatre story – we realized that we already had them all 🙂
We did, however, pick up a couple of new books. And then it was on the road again for a drive of a few hours to Greely, CO, where we spent the night before moving a bit more and having a wonderful visit with family that we had not seen for years!

Lilla Rose

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  1. I’m a little jealous. I had no idea that there was a REAL Whit’s end!!! Brings back memories of listening to Odyessy when I was little!!

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