Last of our Baxter Springs, KS photos…

Baxter Springs is a cute little town on route 66, and we really enjoyed our time there! The town has the remnants of a fort.  This is Fort Blair.    Fort Blair was a garrison for housing soldiers who were guarding the military road that ran through here. There is a lovely park here, and […]

Night on the range…


While the tribe was volunteering with tornado cleanup in Baxter Springs, on the last night of the deployment, the entire Samaritan Purse team was invited out to… Show Me Birds is the largest pheasant hunting resort in the United States, and is located just a couple of miles outside of little Baxter Springs, Kansas, on […]

Route 66’s Baxter Springs Museum…


While we were in the friendly little town of Baxter Springs, KS, we spent a few hours at the Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum. I ended up being disappointed that we hadn’t set aside more time to visit as we ended up having a lovely personalized tour of the museum, which was much larger […]

The UL.TIM.ATE field trip for the RV family! :)

Yesterday we drove across the northern-most part of Kansas, across secondary roads, and through lots of road construction to get to a very interesting and educational field trip!  Probably not high on everyone’s list of places to go and things to do for an afternoon, it was still the perfect, and long awaited, destination for […]