Taming the Souvenir Beast…

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When traveling and visiting a new location, whether it’s a theme park, museum, zoo, or national park, all this mom is interested in taking home are great memories and breathtaking photos!  The kids, however, always seem to want an item or two (or three…) from the gift shop.  I don’t know if it’s the fact […]

Night on the range…


While the tribe was volunteering with tornado cleanup in Baxter Springs, on the last night of the deployment, the entire Samaritan Purse team was invited out to… Show Me Birds is the largest pheasant hunting resort in the United States, and is located just a couple of miles outside of little Baxter Springs, Kansas, on […]

The UL.TIM.ATE field trip for the RV family! :)

Yesterday we drove across the northern-most part of Kansas, across secondary roads, and through lots of road construction to get to a very interesting and educational field trip!  Probably not high on everyone’s list of places to go and things to do for an afternoon, it was still the perfect, and long awaited, destination for […]

Boys night out with the OKC Barons…


We had such a great 2 weeks in Oklahoma City!  While things didn’t look quite like we planned in the volunteer realm, that down time gave us a chance to catch our breaths, and to spend time exploring OKC as a family instead of just mom and the littles (and middles…).  OKC is quite active […]

Got me some Wild Things at the OKC Zoo!


One of the things that I love about traveling with kids of all ages (we have 9 with us, ages 2 to 18), is that we have an excuse to go anywhere! LOL!  We need to go to the children’s museums for the littles, the science museums for the middles, and unique stops like the […]

Taking on the coasters at Frontier City, OKC…

There are so many family friendly travel destinations here in Oklahoma City!!!  One of our favorites was the Frontier City Amusement Park.Frontier City is a large amusement park (with an adjacent water park!!!) that is super family friendly!  The entire park has a frontier period theme and feel, starting right away in the gift shop, […]

Science Museum Oklahoma…

We’ve been in limbo in OKC for a couple of weeks while waiting to either volunteer with storm shelter installs, or to head home, because as much as we don’t want to, it’s time to go back to Montana and get to work.  We don’t, as much as we would love to, have online or […]

Toot! Toot! Full steam ahead to the OK Railway Museum!

Oklahoma City is set up pretty neat; they have an area in town called the ‘Adventure District’.  The Adventure District encompasses an area of several blocks, and includes family friendly stops like a zoo, science museum, horse racing track (occasionally they have exotic animal races! lol!), the 45th Infantry museum, and a few others – […]

Fun at the Greensboro Children’s Museum…


We’ve been enjoying our stay in North Carolina very much!  Now that the ice has melted, the kids and I have been getting out and about while the others have been volunteering with ice storm cleanup.  I’ve been trying to get the work crew to bring me home some decent pictures to post, but they’ve […]

The Augusta Canal Tour & Discovery Center, GA…

This past Monday we visited the Augusta Canal Tour and Discovery Center… Located in downtown Augusta, Georgia, the Discovery Center is housed in the old Enterprise Mill (textile) building…First up, we watched a 10 minute overview film on the canal.  Then, it was off to the tour; boat tours are taken in one of the […]