Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona…

After leaving Las Vegas on the 4th, we drove south and found ourselves at Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona. We spent a few days here last winter, and it is a lovely park (we are biased though, when it comes to Arizona’s state parks – they always let us camp there, no matter how many […]

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada…

Last Tuesday, Greg’s 2 week Christmas break from basic training came to an end. After he flew out bright and early, we knew that we needed an activity to fill our day or else it would be filled by moping kids (and maybe a parent or two) saying,’if Greg were here…’ We needed something to […]

Goodbye City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico…

After we left Leasburg Dam S.P., we decided to camp at City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico. We had visited on a day trip last year and spent a few hours climbing on the rocks, and decided that it would be a super fun place to have a few down days. Vaughn found […]

Hiking Picacho Peak in central Arizona…

Yesterday it rained lightly all day, and then it rained some more last night. This morning we woke to the most beautiful fog… It doesn’t seem to happen here often, and when it does, it is limited to a small area. The plants and rocks were covered with moisture, and the water droplets on the […]

hiking in Picacho Peak State Park in Arizona

This afternoon, Eli and Jake decided that they would like to hike the saddle. The fog had burned off, and the day had turned warm and sunny. The guys had Hannah drive them to the front base of the mountain, and they were off. the little boys didn’t make it quite this high -though, don’t […]

Lake Havasu State Park, AZ

We spent the last 3 nights at the Lake Havasu State Park, located on the western edge of Arizona about half way down the state. The Colorado River comes into northern Arizona (out of Utah), runs through the Grand Canyon, then feeds into Lake Mead on the edge of Nevada. After traveling south through the […]

Fort McAllister state park, GA


On Monday morning, we drove from Brunswick, GA , where we stayed at the Fort McAllister State Park. We drove through town, and saw some lovely old buildings like the city hall (at least I think that is what it was)… When we arrived at Fort McAllister, we were told that we had too many […]

Sucking crawfish heads in Fontaineblue State Park in Louisiana

Louisiana is such an interesting place!  We love the huge deciduous trees!  Fontaineblue State Park in Louisiana has a huge public park area with a ton of these mature trees. They are so beautiful! We have noticed quite a few families here having family photos taken here in the park. Tuesday, after spending the day […]

Exploring southern Louisiana

Molly is getting a little too big, and thinks that she is all grown up. She has decided that if we can eat it, so can she…Everyone keeps telling her what a bad girl she is to be growing up, but she already doesn’t listen! Monday morning we left WalMart in Baytown, TX. We are […]

Tombstone, AZ and the Tombstone County Courthouse State Park…

On Friday, we traveled over to Tombstone, Arizona. You can’t be in southern AZ without checking out Tombstone, right? well… We got there fairly early expecting to find a full day’s worth of stuff to do. Cowboys and stagecoaches, villains and gunfights, all are right up our alley. We actually were disappointed. There was a […]