Big Time RV reality show-the Travel Channel…

Our episode of Big Time RV on the Travel Channel

Big Time RV… Earlier this year, we were featured in an episode of Big Time RV that aired on the Travel Channel.  We really enjoyed filming the footage last year, and it was fun to finally see the finished product!  We ended up being able to watch it, when it was first aired, at an […]

Crossroads RV Quality: Why we bought an Elevation, why we still have it, and why you don’t want one!

crossroads elevation lemon |

No, we don’t have a mid-bunk 5er. Yet.  Yes, we still have our 2015 CrossRoads Elevation toy hauler.  This is the story of why we bought it, what we went through with it, our experience with Crossroads rv quality, why we still have it, and why you do NOT want one (or any CrossRoads product).  😉 (as well as […]

Oxygenics shower head mod… installing the Fury RV

The Oxygenics Fury RV shower head replaced our stock shower head for a much better shower!

This has to be our easiest and fastest mod ever, but it is also one of my favorites!!!  We had a regular Oxygenics shower head in our last rv, and while we had installed it, it had been years ago, and we had since forgotten how awful stock rv shower heads tend to be!  In […]

RV remodel – toy hauler garage to boys’ room…

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!

I thought it was about time that we shared the remodel of our toy hauler garage space into a man cave for our boys!  Now that we’ve made it to the sunny south (gotta love Texas!), I had a chance to open it up and get some photos of what we have been working on! […]

RV Mod – Garbage cupboard to pantry…

We took out our built in kitchen garbage can and turned the cupboard into a small pantry. |

I LOVE an rv mod!!!  Oftentimes, that means that I love to have Vaughn and the boys remodel the rv for me. 😉   But, I really stink at taking before pics, because I am a jump in and start ripping it apart the minute I think of it kind of person!  So, I don’t […]

Our New Home…

Time to take our new rv home and move in!

If you’ve been following our happenings over on facebook, you know that lately we’ve been a little distracted with all that has been going on!  We have been on the lookout for a new family friendly toy hauler for our tribe.  We found the new RV that we wanted to call home, which meant a […]

RV remodel – New livingroom!!!


While the main living quarters is pretty much what sold us on our RV, there was much about it we didn’t like.  We loved the ‘atrium’ slide, with it’s many windows and skylights,  the big slide, and the ‘L-shaped’ kitchen.  We didn’t like the small slide (but that’s a post yet to come – when […]

Sometimes it’s the little things…


…like toilet paper holders. LOL! I guess we are not like a lot of people, and (brace yourself, this is probably a shocker 😉 ), but our home does not look like it could be featured in a magazine (told you to prep yourself…). hehehe!  It is lived in.  We leave stuff lying around (even […]

Checking off the ‘Honey Do’ list…

12 people.  1 cheap, plastic RV toilet.  It was bound to happen sooner than later.  I’m actually pretty surprised that it didn’t happen sooner! Yep, we finally had to replace our toilet – the only one we have in the RV.  It actually stopped flushing with water right before we left for OK, but we were […]

"You know, I was thinking"…means an RV Remodel around here…

My husband knows exactly what always follows those words… An RV remodel idea. Yep, even in an RV, there are remodels.  At least for us. Since hubby is a contractor specializing in remodels and concrete, when I have a project that I think would make our ‘home’ more comfortable, I don’t have to go far to see […]