RV Kitchen Tips – Instant Pot

sauteing bacon and veggies, in the Instant Pot. for rice and beans.

One of the hardest things about fulltime traveling has been the challenges that I face with trying to cook for a (larger than average) family in our small rv kitchen!  There are certain kitchen tools that made my job much easier in the house, that I just don’t have room for in the rv! Our […]

Top 10 family games for nomads!

playing Dutch Blitz in an RV

We love to play games.  Whether we are roughing it on a camping trip, or spending an afternoon hanging out in a ritzy lodge in an rv resort, we love to sit around a big table, or in a circle on the floor, and play games together. I’ve compiled a list of our top travel […]

Family Volunteering Opportunities…

volunteering as a family while traveling

Everyone who knows us, knows that one of our on-the-road passions is for volunteering.  Family volunteering opportunities to be exact. The first year that we traveled, it was a big vacation; and that is just what we wanted it to be – one big, educational, exciting, and fun road trip.  And that was great!  We […]

Make your own PVC clothesline for hanging on your RV ladder…


Even though Vaughn and Jake only had a couple of days before they fly out to help Samaritan’s Purse for a month, in Alaska, they took time from getting ready to build me a lightweight PVC clothesline for RV use – to hang off our ladder and use for either hanging wash out, or for […]

The UL.TIM.ATE field trip for the RV family! :)

Yesterday we drove across the northern-most part of Kansas, across secondary roads, and through lots of road construction to get to a very interesting and educational field trip!  Probably not high on everyone’s list of places to go and things to do for an afternoon, it was still the perfect, and long awaited, destination for […]

RV Tanglewood Campground, Winston-Salem, NC…


While my crew was volunteering in High Point, we stayed part of the time in a Thousand Trails park that is part of our membership, but we also spent 4 nights at Tanglewood campground, which is closer to Winston-Salem since we wanted to explore that area. We spent 4 nights at Tanglewood RV campground, which […]

Just Like New… (well, almost…not really…ok-just cleaner…)

We’ve been busy lately with all sorts of things – you know, life. We’ve had wonderful company, celebrated a couple of birthdays, the guys have been working overtime (make hay while the sun shines ), and we’ve been going through the whole trailer purging, restocking, cleaning. Vaughn told a friend the other day that ‘this […]

Sometimes it’s the little things…


…like toilet paper holders. LOL! I guess we are not like a lot of people, and (brace yourself, this is probably a shocker 😉 ), but our home does not look like it could be featured in a magazine (told you to prep yourself…). hehehe!  It is lived in.  We leave stuff lying around (even […]

Review – Waterproof Bible…


Since we started traveling 4 years ago, we have lost a lot of items to nature and the elements.  We’ve had to replace several cameras because we got sand in them, we’ve ruined books at the lake and beach, and we’ve even had clothing we had to throw away after playing in the ocean and […]

heading home for the summer…

After our wonderful, but way too short, time in Mississippi with Samaritan’s Purse, it was time to make a break for home.  We had promised friends that we would house-sit for them while they went to Texas for 2 weeks (lucky!!!), and we needed to get back to our bigs.  We love to travel, but […]