Big Time RV reality show-the Travel Channel…

Our episode of Big Time RV on the Travel Channel

Big Time RV… Earlier this year, we were featured in an episode of Big Time RV that aired on the Travel Channel.  We really enjoyed filming the footage last year, and it was fun to finally see the finished product!  We ended up being able to watch it, when it was first aired, at an […]

Love the NPS Jr Ranger program? Check out WebRangers!

Learn about the National Park Service's online Web Rangers program,and earn a patch for learning about our National Parks!

One of the activities that we actively pursued in our RV travels is to visit as many state and National Parks as we can.  The kids do the National Park Service’s Jr. Ranger programs at many of the national parks, and most of the kids have over 100 badges/patches.  We really enjoy the programs as they are generally […]