The Ticknor Tribe on 60 Minutes Australia…

Our fulltime, RVing, traveling family!

Back in March of this year, The Ticknor Tribe pulled out of Shreveport, LA, and took a short break from our flood cleanup volunteering there, to spend a few days, in Dallas, with a film crew from Australia.  The producer was incredible to work with, and the crew was great!  We all enjoyed our time (and because they […]

The Tribe’s Top Tips for visiting an RV show!

Use an rv show experience to see what it is like to spend some time in an rv!

Whether you are a fulltime RVer, a weekend warrior, or just want to find out what all the hype is about ‘rving’, visiting an rv show can be a great way to spend a day (or three!). You can check out some of the fabulous new floorplans out there, find out what new amenities are […]

Why you should buy a Texas State Parks Pass…

We love Texas State Parks, and the Texas State Parks Pass makes visiting them super affordable! |

There are so many incredible things to see and do in Texas, and many of those are within Texas State Parks!  There are over 90 Texas State Park locations.  Many of those locations charge a day use fee, which is a per person fee (as opposed to per vehicle).  As reasonable as those fees are, […]

Hiking Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona… with kids…

Our Sedona hikers! |

Gorgeous Cathedral Rock, near Sedona, Arizona, is one of the most photographed landscapes in Arizona; the photographs coming from there are stunning. Seeing it in person is inspiring. Enjoying it with your family is nothing short of spectacular! Hiking Cathedral Rock with kids in tow, has made some of our favorite memories! We love the northern […]

Family Friendly Clark County Shooting Complex, Las Vegas, NV…

Practicing shooting at the Clark County Shooting Range in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year, we spent some time in Nevada.   Our oldest son came to travel with us for a few weeks, and we met him in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas isn’t exactly the most family friendly town – in fact, it’s one of our least favorite places to visit!  But, there are a few family-friendly […]

Visiting La Jolla Cove and Kayaking La Jolla Caves…with kids…

Family kayaking out to La Jolla Caves in San Diego, CA |

We were tickled to find that San Diego is so family friendly!  There were dozens of activities to do in the city, and we were able to visit some really fun destinations.  One of our favorite things to do while we travel is to find out what the locals do, outside, for fun.  We have […]

More of the Best Educational Apps for the Kindle Fire…

Here are a few more educational apps for the Kindle Fire that we have found and love for screen schooling.  These are in addition to the apps listed under the “Best Educational Apps for Schooling with the Kindle Fire” button that is in our right sidebar.  These will be added to that list soon, but […]

The Salem Kroc Community Center might be the find of the year…


Seriously.  Our visit to the Salem Kroc Community Center was super fun – so fun that we went out for pizza and then came back, and were at the center for over 7 hours total!  The reason that it might be the find of the year for us when we don’t even live here?  Because […]

Salem’s Riverfront Carousel is tops for family fun!

choosing a carousel horse to ride

Salem’s Riverfront Carousel in western Oregon is a beautiful and fun place to take the family!   Located in a beautiful downtown area, looking out over the Riverfront Park to the waterway, and the next-door playground make the carousel is a perfect destination for some family fun, and a great place to take colorful and […]

Rock Hounding for Prisms at Crystal Park, Montana…


One of our favorite places to camp – like really camp: without restrooms, or hookups of any kind, where you have to make your own fire ring out of rocks, and there are no quiet hours (yet it is quieter than any campground we’ve ever been in) – is along the Wise River in the […]