Uh Oh! RV issues mean big $$$…


We’ve been very quiet over here on the blog because we’ve been busy so many other places!!! :) We’ve been touring Texas, volunteering with flood cleanup in Louisiana, and now we are headed to Indiana. Why would we head to Indiana, in an RV, in April? Because we are having to take our toy hauler back to the Crossroads RV factory there, for major work.


This interior crack, in the upstairs master, off a slide, has grown as our frame flexes more and more with miles.

2 thousand miles (round trip)
2 hotel rooms each night we are out of the rig
Big money food bills even if we get a hotel with a kitchenette (do they even have those anymore?)

Have I mentioned how much I abhor hotels? The whole bed bug thing FREAKS me out. And to live in one, 10 of us, doesn’t mean we can just keep a suitcase in the bathroom and not worry about taking them ‘home’ with us. If we still have a home. Which we hope we won’t, because we are seriously over this toy hauler and it’s incessant problems.


This outside crack was our first hint that we had structural design issues with our new Crossroads Elevation toy hauler, less than 2 weeks and 500 miles into owning it.

It has taken us close to a year to get Crossroads RV manufacturer to admit that this line of toy haulers has frame issues. And now they want us to foot the bill for their poor design. sigh.

So, The Tribe is off on a new adventure! Off to Indiana! While we are there, we plan on tour a few other rv factories, find out what there is to do in the area, as well as keep you posted on EVERYTHING that happens with our fix. As well as what we learn from our experience – because no-one should have to go through this!

If you want to keep up to date on our Crossroads rv issues (because they could happen to you – they are more common than most people think!), we’ll be updating everyone over on our facebook page:
The TicknorTribe

In the meantime, prayers would sure be appreciated!!!  :)

Lilla Rose

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  1. Hi Dana
    We are planning to be in st.Louis mo next weekend. Could you give me an idea what,or what not to do there. Is gateway arch worth the effort? I know you have been there . I just can’t seem to find it on your website easily. Are you anywhere near there so we could meet up?

    • Hi Judy!
      We did not do a lot in St. Louis during our visit, but we did do the Arch National Monument – and it was worth it! There is a nearby parking garage for vehicles (not for rvs tho!) that has a minimal fee. The Arch is not just the arch. :) There is a viewing platform at the top that you can take an elevator to (for a fee), and underneath is a gift shop, dining area, and a museum area (well done). They have a great Jr. Ranger program! Be aware that going under the arch requires going through metal detectors, so keep that in mind (we had to collect all the boys’ knives and run them back to the van!
      While parked near the arch, we also visited The Old Courthouse. It is a good stop too, but we didn’t have time to do the Jr. Ranger programs for both stops that day, so only did the arch and just enjoyed the courthouse. It is a short walk, via a raised walkway over the interstate.

      The other location that we explored in St. Louis was the U.S.Grant National Historic Site. Even tho it is a small park for a NPS location, when we were there, the rangers were fabulous, and the park beautiful! You might want to check out ‘Grant’s Farm’ just across the road from the Grant NHS – we were not able to go, but we heard it is great!

      Here are our links to the posts on our blog about where we went – we did lose our photos to these posts (older) when we moved our blog, so there aren’t any.

      It’s been awhile since we were there – we may try to hit it when we are on our way west after the rv is finished. At this point, we don’t know when that will be – it might be this Friday, it might not be until next week; we won’t know until the last minute, I’m thinking. I do know that they are trying to get us out of there. rofl.

  2. Thanks Tom!
    We pulled in tonight, and have to be out of this thing at 7am! Whew!
    We will keep you posted on what we are doing in Indiana, and how the repairs are going (or not)…
    Newmar is on our list, as is DRV! We would love to have a Class A, but haven’t found one that comes close to giving each of our kids their own space – still, it will be fun to look! 😀

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