RV remodel – toy hauler garage to boys’ room…

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

I thought it was about time that we shared the remodel of our toy hauler garage space into a man cave for our boys! ¬†Now that we’ve made it to the sunny south (gotta love Texas!), I had a chance to open it up and get some photos of what we have been working on!
The remodel of the garage is nearly completed, we just have a few touch ups to do, and some decorating (and the kids will add all sorts of treasures to their walls, I’m sure! ūüėČ
This is the floorplan of our 2015 Elevation Las Vegas toy hauler (or was, this is stock):

floor plan of our elevation toy hauler

(image courtesy of crossroadsrv.com)

Here is what the garage looked like after we pulled out the drop down queens but before we started much of the conversion (tip, blue painter’s tape on the walls and floor will not leave a residue, but helps to envision how much space what you are planning on building takes up):

beginning the remodel of our toy hauler garage into a kids' room.  ourtravelingtribe.com

And the following photos show what it looks like now. ¬†We used the drop down queen happi-jack system that came in the toy hauler for about a month before we pulled them out and sold them (we knew we would do that when we purchased this one). ¬†We replaced the drop down queens with built in bunks, as well as cupboards for the kids’ clothing and shoes.

This is standing at the door going from the living room into the garage…(the back ramp/wall is down)

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

The shoe shelves at the end of the bunks, shown above, are one of my favorite things about this room!  They are located immediately to the left of the outside doorway, so when the kids come in the back door and take their shoes off, there is no reason I should ever find them on the floor (surprise, I still do! lol).

We cut down carpet remnants (total cost about $100) to carpet the back, and did not attach it down in any way.  Due to the high use of the area (and kids!), I wanted it to be easy to replace about once a year.

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

Each set of bunks has a built-in ladder to reach the top bunk, and a set of 3 cupboards underneath. ¬†The cupboard doors were the only things in the remodel that we ‘farmed out’. ¬†We had a local cabinet maker, who understands RV remodels (space/weight/durability), build them for us in his shop. ¬†I requested a light colored wood, with some character, to keep the boys’ room from being too dark. ¬†I love the end product! (and nope, I didn’t bother to clean off their beds, or make them for pics, sorry #keepingitreal )

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

Right now the boys are actually playing musical bunks…see that big black bag on the bottom bunk? ¬†It belongs to OurFavoriteSoldier who is visiting and traveling with us for a month (squeeee!)!!!! ¬†<3

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

Each of the boys have a built in bookshelf – the lower bunks have them at the end, under the top bunk above, and the top bunks have them on the back wall above the drop down screen.

On the other side of the garage from the living room and exterior back doors (driver’s side), towards the front of the garage, we put in a smaller bunk for Caleb (4). ¬†His bunk is a few inches shallower than the other boys’. ¬†His bunk also has a ladder, but on his we left the tops to run wild to make it easier for him to get in and out. ¬†Underneath his bunk we left room for a small chest freezer, and it also ended up being the perfect spot to mount our Dyson Slim cordless vacuum¬†that came with the toy hauler (and which I love – battery life is so much better than the one we had years ago!)…Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

We chose a stackable washer and dryer set over an all-in-one due to the amount of clothing that we need to launder. ¬†I love being able to have both the washer and the dryer going at the same time instead of just one load taking up the whole machine for an extended amount of time. ¬†Around the w/d, we built more cupboards, both for storage, and to hide the stairs to the girls’s loft that enter from the living room, but take up space in the garage.
(the top wall with the pictures mounted on it is the loft that we built for the girls.  You enter it from the living area, but it takes up ceiling space over the garage)

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

Each of the boys have ‘cubbies’ that they installed. ¬†I took fabric over-the-door shoe cubbies, and cut them down to fit (and hemmed neatly). ¬†They are great for all the little ‘tools’ that boys inevitably collect…Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

One thing that I am extra glad that Vaughn and the boys did was to install more lights in the back. ¬†I ordered 6¬†extra RV Dome Lights¬†so that each of the boys would have a light in their bunk, as well as having a couple in front of the w/d and above the back door. ¬†These are run off of the batteries, just as the stock ones are. ¬†The boys read so much more now that they each have a light in their bunks, they can control them from their bunks, and it doesn’t matter if we have hookups or are boondocking.

We did not trim out the insides of the cupboards; the less stuff we add (weight) the better. ¬†We built nearly everything with 1x material, and chose lighter-weight materials (for instance, the boys’ bunk platforms were from cutting down the queen drop downs that came out of our last toy hauler – they were in storage, and made with aluminum, so they were perfect for utilizing for this project!)

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

The cupboards are great for laundry stuff including dirty clothing, my business supplies, and extra blankets and winter coats.

Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.com

We are really happy with the way that our garage remodel turned out. ¬†There is plenty of space between the bunks for accessing the ramp patio, and the boys enjoy the fact that in this design, they can each sit up all the way when in their bunks (only other rv kids will understand!)Our toy hauler remodel - from garage to boys' room!  ourtravelingtribe.comWe love having an area that is comfortable for the kids, but feels finished as well…
Thanks for joining us on our tour!  The rest of the coach is to come! :)

Lilla Rose

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  1. Love the remodel. That’s totally cool that you got a freezer and a full size washer/dryer the garage area. You are great at maximizing your space.

  2. Is that a residential washer and dryer? I’m new and trying to learn how did you make that work without draining all your resources?

    • Jane, I’m sorry that I’m just now finding this!
      Yes, it is a residential set – tho more of an apartment size than something I would have in a house. Our RV already had hookups for it in the garage area, and it is wired for the machine. The only thing that we have to watch is the water. We don’t use it unless we have full hookups so that we have unlimited water for washing, and sewer hookups for draining off the dirty water. The tank that we use for the washing machine can hold 2 to 3 loads worth of water; it isn’t used for anything else since we took out the half bath), so we have to babysit the levels if we do not have a sewer hookup.
      :) Dana


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